5 Benefits of Using Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Putting oil into your motorcycle is something you have no choice in, but you can choose between synthetic motorcycle oil and conventional oil. There are proponents on both sides of the fence which makes picking between synthetic motorcycle oil and conventional oil not as cut and dried as it could be. Good and bad exists for each kind of oil, but the information contained here will share with you the benefits of synthetic motorcycle oil.

Picking Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is Easy

Conventional or natural oil is complicated to purchase for the layman. This type of oil uses a system known as SAE that allows the purchaser to determine which oil is best for their vehicle based on external conditions. These conditions refer to the temperature outside, the amount of cylinders the vehicle has as well as where you are driving. The rating looks like #W# with the first number being the oil viscosity and the second number the weight. The lower the number the better the oil is for cooler climates. If the number is higher then it is better for warmer weather. Synthetic motorcycle oil does not follow the same system as it is more versatile. The military used synthetic oil prior to synthetic being commercially available. Synthetic motorcycle oil will not break down like conventional oil. It tolerates both hot and cold weather extremes.

Better Engine Protection

Synthetic motorcycle oil is treated with all kinds of chemicals and additives which help protect the engine. These additives protect the engine from having to suffer viscosity breakdown as you would with conventional oil. If you purchase conventional oil to use in your motorcycle that is meant for warm weather then it gets cold, the oil will breakdown. In most circumstances it will thicken and coat the engine causing it to smoke and seize up. Synthetic motorcycle oil does not suffer from viscosity breakdown because they are made to withstand extremes.

Fewer Stalls

Due to the extreme conditions that synthetic motorcycle oil can withstand, it coats the moving parts of the engine with oil that simply does not break down. What this means for you is that you will have more cold starts than if you used conventional oil which can become thick and gummy.

Environmentally Sound

If you're mindful of the environment and our natural resources then conventional oil should top your list of things to change. If buying a hybrid isn't in the cards for you, then synthetic motorcycle oil may be a good start in the right direction. The synthetic motorcycle oil is created with fewer impurities than conventional oil which means it burns much cleaner. This will decrease pollution as it burns cleaner, your engine will stay in good shape longer and you will use less natural oil.

Less Waste

Conventional oil has to be changed every 3,000 miles or you run the risk of the oil viscosity degrading and gumming up the engine causing it to seize. Synthetic motorcycle oil lasts much longer than conventional oil so it does not have to be changed out as often.