5 Best Applications for Mildew Resistant Paint

paint roller in a tray with light colored paint

There are several applications that are good for mildew resistant paint. The one thing that’s common to them all is that the surface needs to be completely clean of the mildew and mold before you put it on. Bearing that in mind, take the time to clean the mold properly before using it. There are a number of places in the house that can use mildew resistant paint.

1. Bathroom

The bathroom is generally the warmest and dampest room in the house. That makes it the most susceptible to mold and mildew, especially where there’s no good vent. If you’ve had mold in the bathroom and cleared it, you don’t want it to return. Mold resistant paint can greatly reduce the chances of it coming back. It will be most effective if you apply it in a few thin coats over a mildew resistant undercoat. This gives the fullest possible protection. You should also make sure the paint is applied to the ceiling as well as the walls.

2. Kitchen


After the bathroom, it’s the kitchen that’s usually the hottest and dampest room in the house due to cooking. Even more than bathrooms, it’s a place where dampness can linger. That makes it an ideal candidate for mildew resistant paint, especially in the area around the stove where moisture is concentrated.

In a kitchen, you should use the paint with a mildew resistant undercoat that might not be as necessary in other parts of the kitchen. This adds an extra seal on the dampness to prevent moisture penetrating to the wall and creating mildew and mold.

3. Basement

Basements are notorious for mildew as there’s unusually inadequate ventilation, so moisture can build up in certain areas. Using mildew resistant paint here, especially on areas that have been finished and covered with drywall, can eliminate the possibility of mildew.

It’s important to be certain first that there’s no mold in the drywall or behind it before you begin painting. This can be an involved procedure but if you’re going to keep mold out, you need to be certain it’s not already there.

4. Nursery

room with pink walls being painted

The nursery might be the single most important room in the house and it’s vital that you keep mold away from your baby. A baby’s respiratory system is extremely delicate, so you should take all possible steps to keep mold under control. One of the best ways to ensure this is to use mold resistant paint in the nursery. Even if mold isn’t a problem in your house, or in your climate generally, it still adds an extra level of protection.

5. Exterior

Mold and mildew doesn’t just occur inside a house; it can be outside, too. If you’ve experienced problems, using mildew resistant paint on your house can be a very good way to stop the situation happening again.

Outside the house, you’ll need to use several coats. The wear and tear the walls receive means they’ll have to be retouched regularly and you’ll need to repaint every few years which is more often than you might need to do with regular paint.