5 Best Tools for a Basic Car Paint Touch Up

Scuffed front bumper on a blue car
  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-150

To undertake a car paint touch up successfully, you'll need to get the right tools for the job. The following five tools and materials are all necessary to complete a paint touch up on your car.

1. Paint Spray Gun

The main component necessary to ensure that the car paint touch up is undertaken well is the paint spray gun. You can obtain a paint spray gun from an equipment hire company if you are reluctant to buy one because you won't be likely to use it very often. This will comprise of a receptacle that can be filled with the required paint to allow you to undertake a car paint touch up. Alternatively, a paint aerosol can be used to complete the task of touching up paint. This will prevent the need to transfer paint into a paint sprayer. This method is the best one to use when there is a large section of the car that requires repainting.

2. Paint Pen

front corner bumper of a car

One of the best tools to use for small scratches and other minor instances of paint loss is a paint pen. This will negate the need to protect other parts of the car because it can be applied in a precise manner. The pens are available in a wide variety of colors which will make it easy to find one to suit your vehicle’s paint shade. It is a quick and easy way to rectify any defects, but may require some practice to prevent excessive paint being used in one place.

3. Primer

In the event that the defect that caused the loss of paint also affected the undercoat, you will need to apply primer first. This will serve as a base to the car paint touch up and will protect the metal of the car. This can often be found in the same convenient form as the paints and can be treated in the same way. In fact, the primer can be used as a way to practice using the paint.

4. Sandpaper

sanding primer on a red car

Different grades of sandpaper are required during the process of a car paint touch up as the layers of primer and paint must be as smooth as possible. When the primer and paint are applied evenly, it is only likely to require the use of the fine grit after it has dried to smooth it before a further coat is applied. Sandpaper can also be used in the event that a scratch is deep enough to affect the metal and rust has formed. The rust will need to be cleaned away before primer or paint can be applied.

5. Protective Shield

When using the spray method to apply paint to the car, it is important to protect the parts of the car that do not require any paint, such as the windows and trim. This can be in the form of paper or plastic sheeting and must be secured properly to ensure that paint does not seep through. Thick masking tape should be sufficient to ensure this will take place.