5 Best Uses for a Collated Screw Gun

While there are many kinds of screw guns on the market, the collated screws gun gives you one thing others do not give you: depth. A collated screw gun is able to sink a screw 2 inches below the surface of hard wood—unlike other screw guns that simply lack the power to do the same thing. Read on for information about some of the best ways to use a collated screw gun.

1. Drywall Installation

Drywall is a product used by renovators and builders to cover the gaps between the studs of a room. There are many kinds of drywall you can use depending on your needs. One problem that people have is drywall eventually coming loose during the natural swelling of the wood. A collated screw gun will place a screw 2 inches below the surface of the wood, which means it is not likely to come loose. This feature, however, can seriously damage drywall and will cause it to be less effective. This will not be a problem as a collated screw gun comes with a special drywall tip.

2. Framing

When you frame a house, your primary concern is stability. The house needs to stand the test of time. Every piece that you add to it increases this stability, from the studs and the joists down to the drywall. If you are missing screws or they are not sunk deep enough, then they can come loose. This will cause creaking to happen and, over time, boards to possibly detach. All of this can create a settling or leveling of a home, causing it to lean. A collated screw gun will sink the screws deep into the wood so this will not happen.

3. Building Steps

No one likes hearing a creaking step, and creaks develop quickly as steps are used often in the home. Most steps are created using nails but using smaller screws to attach the footings will help prevent them from coming loose. Using the collated screw gun to sink them into the wood will certainly prevent the screws from becoming loose. It will also create a more clean look as you can easily add wood putty to cover any holes made by the screws.

4. Building Furniture

When attempting to build something that is meant to carry a load, you will notice over time that it begins to wobble. This is natural as weight will pull screws and nails out of the structure. Sinking the screws in deeper to attach the wood will create a much stronger structure that will not wobble under weight. Using the collated screw gun will even increase the load capability.

5. Deck Building

Whenever a deck is being constructed, the builder is often trying very hard to get those screws and nails sunk below the surface of the wood. This is made easier by using a collated screw gun.