5 Uses for Miniature Circuit Breakers

A technician works on a circuit breaker.
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A miniature circuit breaker is used in new constructions. Circuit breakers are small devices used to control and protect the electrical panel and the other devices from overflowing of electrical power. They are used to maintain and ensure the safety and quality of the energy provided. There are different types of circuit breakers used in residential or business constructions, but when it comes to smaller buildings and most homes, miniature circuit breakers are an excellent solution. They have many advantages because they do not require wire replacement and can be manually reset using a button or a small lever.

1. Home Electrical Panels

As with all breakers, the miniature circuit breaker is designed to protect the house from circuit overload. They are much safer than typical fuses, because they can be reset manually and because they handle much larger amounts of power. The breaker can manage the flow of energy, distributing properly the voltage even when many devices run off the same power circuit.

2. Ground Fault Trip Mechanism

In some cases, you can use a miniature circuit breaker with ground fault, or arc-fault mechanisms, because the breakers consist of a system that opens the contacts if a line to ground fault occurs.

3. Lights

Using miniature circuit breakers in the lighting system of the house, because they can deal with the amount of power needed to light a house, especially if using specific types of lamps, such as fluorescent lights. When switching on the lights, there is a need for additional power which might cause problems to the circuit, especially when lights are used extensively in the entire house.

4. Industrial Applications

There are many small-scale industrial buildings that use the miniature circuit breakers instead of the old fuses. These installations require up to 30 kA capacity, therefore the miniature breakers are ideal for this type of application and device. Same with commercial installations and applications. Some industrial applications that use miniature breakers are large stoves and appliances used in restaurants, bakeries, and commercial food stores.

5. Heaters

When using heaters at home or the office, the miniature circuit breaker can prove beneficial. It is known in general that heaters can be problematic sometimes, especially with the distribution of electrical power. The miniature circuit breaker can prevent these issues, cutting off electricity in the case of overload or flaw. In this case, though, you need to choose the proper type of miniature breaker, enabling it to handle a load of power when needed.

Miniature circuit breakers are used in small-scale premises and domestic dwellings and anywhere needed to control the distribution and supply of electrical power. They offer an efficient way to manage the electrical circuit of a house or of an entire building. They come in refined design and are able to provide reliable and effective protection of a circuit. They are a safe and dependable solution for the proper management of an electrical circuit.