5 Best Uses for a Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is normally made out of a medium length blade which is either straight or a curved blade, attached to a secure handle. At times the handle is also curved so that it allows better angle for cutting curved thick branches. Nowadays pruning saws have very sharp blades so that you can cut through large branches very easily. Pruning saws are used mainly for trees or even tough thick bushes.

1 - A Pole Pruner

A pole pruner is normally used to reach branches beyond arm’s reach. A pole pruner consists of a normal pruning saw attached to a long-handheld pole. The jaws are normally not that of a normal saw but are much tougher. The squeeze-action mechanism once pressed operates the jaw and cuts off the branches. Today on the market you can even find pole pruners that are made of light weight aluminium with a rotating head (up to 108 degrees) so that you can reach every branch at any angle. Remember to use safety equipment when using a pruning saw, especially when using a pole pruner which can easily fall from your hand and injure you.

2 - A Handheld Pruning Saw

Handheld pruning saws are great for homes and nurseries. By a handheld pruning saw we mean a relatively small handheld pruning saw normally used, as mentioned earlier, for domestic uses. This type of pruning saw can be equipped with a straight blade or a curved blade.

3 - A Pruning Straight Blade Saw

Straight blades are normally used for cutting sap or green wood because of their unique functionality added to a straight motion. These types come with a 6 or 8 teeth per inch as opposed to 4 to 6 per inch on the other size, which means it is one mean saw.

4 - A Pruning Curved Blade Saw

A curved blade is ideal to cut straight through the object, that is, a curved pruning saw is usually used for tough but not so big branches that need to be cut with one clean strike. Curved blades also require special care and maintenance, maybe more often than the normal pruning saws which have a straight blade.

5 - Larger Models of a Pruning Saw

All pruning saws have a bigger larger version which are normally used for commercial purposes and not for small domestic gardening. Therefore, another use for a pruning saw is to cut down large and heavy tree branches for cultivation purposes. They are normally used by skillful laborers, so if you are using such a tool for the first time make sure you take every necessary precaution.

Remember that for a pruning saw to keep functioning properly you have to take care of it by cleaning it after use and oiling the blades every now and then. Another thing is that the blades will need to be sharpened, and they need to be sharpened by hand. Remember to use the pruning saw correctly otherwise you will cut vital branches which are fundamental for the tree’s health or end up injuring yourself.