5 Best Uses for Fiberboard

Stack of fiberboard
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Fiberboard is a kind of wood product that has been specially engineered from fibers of wood (where the name is derived). Fiberboard is a dense product that is used in many industries and can be found in particleboard (less dense), medium-density fiberboard and also hardboard. The term "particleboard" is often used to refer to fiberboard as a whole despite being a low-density kind of fiberboard. Plywood is often mistaken for fiberboard but is actually layers of thin sheets of wood and not particles or fibers of the wood. Fiberboard is often covered with a veneer of some sort if it will be visible. There are green varieties of fiberboard as well which are made from secondary raw materials like fibers from sugarcane or chips of wood. The article that follows will share with you the best uses of fiberboard.

Furniture Industry

particle board bookcase

If you have purchased an inexpensive bookcase or entertainment center then you already own something constructed out of low-density fiberboard aka particleboard. More expensive furniture will generally be constructed out of medium-density fiberboard and, on rare occasions, high-density fiberboard. This type of wood is easily produced and is economical and easy to work with. The cost of prefabricated furniture will vary depending on the materials used. Cost is often supplemented by using low-density fiberboard.

Home Interior

Installing cabinets can cost a small fortune but they are a necessity that cannot be avoided. The framework of the cabinet is often made out of fiberboard and then a solid wood face is installed on top of it. This helps to keep costs down and still provide a nice finished product. Fiberboard is used in all aspects of the home interior. Along with cabinets, you will find shelving units made from fiberboard as well as doors, molding, and even floors. The fact that material is very smooth and takes paint well is also a factor in it being used for doors and cabinets.

3. Home Exterior

shingled roof with vent

The versatility of fiberboard stands out around your home both inside and outside. Fiberboard is often used as a roofing material for a low-slope roof. Fiberboard is a great material to be used as a backing to shingles for any kind of roof. You will also find it being used as sheathing for walls in the home. It is durable and flexible which makes it ideal for these uses.

Vapor Barrier and Insulation

Fiberboard, due to its durability and treatment, makes for a great vapor barrier in conjunction with other vapor barrier products. The wood is able to endure long periods of moisture as well as drying out without deforming or rotting. Besides acting as a vapor barrier it also insulates against heat loss.

Soundproofing and Sound Deadening

If you've ever taken apart a speaker you will notice that they are actually constructed out of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard. This is because the wood fibers absorb sound which prevents vibration from within the speaker cabinet. This quality makes fiberboard a useful addition to a media room as walls and floor underlayment.