3 Best Uses for Glass Spray Paint

Glass Spray Paint

Glass is a great medium for coloring, decorating, or painting. Because it's transparent enough to let light pass through, painted, colored, or stained glass projects can ultimately be quite beautiful.

While acrylic enamel paints are ideal for hand painting designs on glass, it's also possible to spray paint your glass surfaces to make entirely unique designs. Glass spray paint comes in a wide variety of types and colors, so the only thing holding you back from making beautiful glass pieces will be your imagination. From frosted glass spray, stained glass spray, and mirrored glass spray, you can turn any piece of glass into a work of art.

Safety Note: Remember to use caution when using any type of spray paint. Wear protective gear, including goggles and a respirator. Do not breathe spray mist.

1. Update an Old Item

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Glass spray paint is great for giving new life to your old household glass items. Thrift store pieces can come out looking completely new and different. You can paint glass coasters, candle holders, or vases to bring new color into a room.

Even within the specific category of glass spray paints, different types set differently and allow light to pass through in unique ways. You can mix different types of glass spray paint to create beautiful effects.

Simply, clean the item and let dry. Put newspaper down to catch any drips. Spray away, and let it dry again.

Tip: Prepare for overspray. The spray can will probably not drip, but there is a cloud of paint that goes beyond the object being painted. Cover surrounding areas about 5 feet out, more if you are outdoors to account for wind.

2. Mirrors

Mirror glass spray can be used on the back of any clear glass to create a reflective surface. Take any size glass and turn it into a mirror. You can combine this with frosting or stained glass paint to create decorative mirrors that look professionally done.

You can add a level of fun if you consider the applications of mirror glass spray beyond just typical mirrors or vanities. For example, when used on candle holders, the paint reflects more of the candle flame causing more light.

3. Frosting or Etching

Frosted glass spray paint creates a semi-transparent coating that can be used for privacy or decoration.

This is perfect if you've just moved into a new place with bathroom windows or shower glass that is a little too exposed for your liking. Spray it on bathroom windows to get your desired privacy, while still allowing natural light in so that your bathroom remains a warm and open space.

Use the same frosted spray with stencils to create decorative glass jars and bottles. You can also create your own custom stencils in the form of strategic masking using painter's tape.

Create beautiful looking etched designs using glass spray paint. Just use stencils and painter’s tape in a similar manner as frosting, but use regular glass paint instead of frosting glass paint.

Tip: Spray from left to right in a straight line, let off the button beyond the object you are spraying, followed by spraying right to left in a straight line until done. If frosting/etching coat is not done in straight lines, the appearance would look like storm clouds instead of nice clean uniform frosting.”

4. Stained Glass

Using stained glass spray paint is perfect for creating beautiful stained glass windows, doors, or glass items.

Just use imagination and a bottle of liquid lead to create the border of your work. Use the liquid lead to create your border and let dry for 24 hours. Tape off sections or stencils with painter’s tape. Cover up all sections except the parts you want to spray paint a certain color. Spray away. Do this for each color.

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