5 Types of Car Chassis

orange car chassis

Whether you are building a car from scratch or are simply interested in the bodywork of a car, recognizing different types of car chassis can prove beneficial. This can also be of assistance in helping you to choose the correct type for the car.

1. Ladder

A ladder frame car chassis is a common type of frame used as a base for vehicles, creating a solid base from the shape that the name suggests.

2. Backbone

A substantial central component is necessary for a backbone car chassis, connecting the front and rear of the entire frame.

3. Monocoque

A monocoque car chassis is one that uses metal that is molded from sheets of the material, which is the same method used to build other parts of the frame. This type of chassis is similar to a unibody type.

4. Space

A space chassis can also be known as tubular even though it is not tubular in the true sense. The components are welded together to create a strong frame that comprises some flexibility.

5. Combination

You will often find that a car chassis is not any single types, taking elements from a range of different types to create a version that is best suited to the car frame.