5 Causes of a Leaking Toilet Tank Gasket

A toilet tank gasket helps to secure the tank to the toilet bowl. Leaking toilets are the number one cause of high water bills in homes and businesses. Therefore, it is wise to always check your toilet for any leaks. Leaks can come from different parts on the toilet, but one of the most common areas on a toilet that is the source of leaks is the toilet tank gasket. This gasket helps to create a seal between the toilet tank and the toilet bowl so that water can pass through the plumbing. It is usually made of a rubbery material. Toilet tank gaskets can leak for many different reasons. Here are a few causes that can cause a leaking toilet gasket.

1 - Aging and Deterioration

Normal aging of the gasket can cause leaks. The gasket is supposed to help create a seal between the toilet and the plumbing lines in your home. When it ages, the material starts to wear and deteriorate. It sometimes even disintegrates altogether. Toilets can last for a very long time, and if you notice that your toilet leaks when you flush it, it is probably a worn gasket. If you pull apart your toilet and you notice the gasket has disintegrated, then it is time for a replacement. You will need to scrape off the old gasket and install the new one in order to stop the leaking.

2 - Improper Placement of Gasket

When you replace the gasket, you must fit the toilet back over the gasket as it originally was. If you do not fit your toilet snugly enough over the gasket, leaking will occur from the toilet to the water line in your home. To fix this problem, all you need to do is lift the toilet and reposition it so that a better seal is created.

3 - The Bolts Are Rusted

When you replace a toilet gasket, you should also change the bolts. Reusing old bolts is not the wisest thing to do because the bolts can be rusted. When you tighten rusty bolts down onto the gasket, they may be too weak to create a perfect seal, thereby causing leaks.

4 - Wrong Size Gasket Used

Again, during replacement you may have inadvertently picked up the wrong gasket size, as gaskets come in a couple different thicknesses. Make sure you purchase the gasket that is appropriate for the size and type of toilet you have in your home.

5 - Not Enough Pressure Used in Installation

When you place the gasket during installation, you have to create enough pressure to create a perfect seal. Sometimes you can even just sit on the toilet with the seat down to create the necessary pressure. If you have not sealed the gasket properly, you will still see signs of a leaking toilet and you will have to try and create the seal again after it dries.