5 Classic Bathroom Color Schemes

The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house but, unfortunately, bathroom color schemes are seldom given adequate thought. Many people do not realize how much time they actually spend in a bathroom and that its color is as important as that in any other room in the house. There is a multitude of colors from which to choose depending on your own personal style.

Classic Colors

Your bathroom is a private space for peace and relaxation and the classic theme is the best way to achieve this sense of serenity. The classic color theme includes basic, fresh colors with few accessories. White is the most common classic color in bathroom paint. It suggests a neat and orderly sense in your bathroom, a feeling necessary for a serene place to relax. White and black with white being the predominating hue is a paint color combination that is also classic. However, white might not be the most practical choice for a family bathroom. Neutral shades of beige and taupe and soft shades of blue and green can also be found in the classic paint color range for the bathroom.

Muliple Color Scheme

Choose three colors to create you scheme including a light and medium shade of one of the classic colors and an accent color. The colors can be the same hues in three different shades or three completely different hues altogether. Mixing colors in a room creates drama but too many colors can be overwhelming. Be sure to keep in mind the material used for your faucets and knobs when making your color choices.

Lighting Schemes

Look at your three color choices in the type of light found in your bathroom and at different points in the day. Natural light and artificial light create different affects with the same color. Use spotlights or allow sunlight to flood through windows in order to create different accents. The lighting scheme you choose may depend on the color of your tub and tile and the tone of your cabinets. Use different light bulbs to find what works for your bathroom.

Ceiling Schemes

You can make your bathroom seem larger by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. This works best when you are using a light shade to paint your walls. Applying a paint color that is darker than the walls, will make your bathroom seem cozy.

Experimental Schemes

Most paint manufacturers have large paint samples you can test in your bathroom. Take them home and try them out in different parts of the room. While paint is a simple solution for creating a new look, it can be somewhat costly, depending on the paint you choose. Be sure to take the time to test how your color choices fit with your bathroom décor. If a color does not work well in your bathroom, drop it from your choices and move on to the ones that do work. Visit a home improvement outlet and speak with a professional. If possible, use a mold-resistant paint in your color choice.