5 Classic House Colors

Choose Your Color Wisely

Choosing a paint color for your home’s exterior is one of those decisions that takes a bit of contemplation. Sure, it’s only paint and a faulty choice can be covered up. But unlike a room in your home, your house’s exterior surface is large, requiring more time and money to complete (not to mention that it’s in plain view of neighbors’ judging eyes). To help you along, here are five classic color choices your house would be proud to wear.

1. Yellow: A Bold Statement or Subtle Neutral

A yellow tone for your house can lend a cheery vintage feel to the structure, and it’s a color that plays both the neutral and statement fields. Go a little darker, and it can make a bold statement. Stick with a softer shade for an understated impact.

2. Gray: The King of Neutrals

Gray is one of those colors that can easily be drab, but pair it with bright white trim and it can look sharp and clean. Any shade of gray is definitely a neutral, but throwing a bit of contrasting trim color in the mix keeps the look bright and fresh.

3. Red Accents: Highlight the House's Details

If you have a lot of trim to paint, consider going with a bright color to make the most of your house’s details. The cranberry red shutters and door of this house become the focus and give it some personality. Without it, the gray tone keeps the building in the shadows.

4. White: A Universal Choice

There’s no house color more classic than white. It goes with almost any architectural style, looking particularly nice on historical homes such as this one.  Against a clean white backdrop, the house’s construction has little visual competition.

5. Red and Blue: Bold And Classic

A striking red or blue shade can look just as nice as a neutral when it’s on a structure like these houses. The nontraditional shades complement the peaked roof lines and porches of the houses. When considering your next house color, keep in mind your home’s architecture to go against type or keep with a theme.