5 Clawfoot Tub Enclosure Installation Tips

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Many people like to install a clawfoot tub enclosure around the perimeter of their new bathtub. Since this type of bathtub generally sits away from the wall in an open space, it affords very little privacy. Installing an enclosure for the clawfoot tub is not a difficult project, but it does require some construction and fitting. If you have a new clawfoot tub and want to enclose it with a curtain, here are some tips.

Determine the Best Enclosure

One of the most popular enclosures for a clawfoot tub is that of a simple curtain. Some people choose to use a standard shower curtain. Others like to make it a little more elegant with ornate drapes and shrouds. Before you install the framework and cut pipes, determine which type of enclosure would work best for you.

Measure for Perfect Fit

The most important part of installing a clawfoot tub enclosure is to get the right height for your material. Spend some time with a tape measure and see what different lengths will look like. Use some extra curtains or other material to make sure you like that length.

Add Extra Space

Keep in mind that there should be a space between the curtain and the tub. The added space will not only make it look more elegant, but it will also keep the occupant from feeling like they are trapped. Add some extra space to the general measurement to account for this space.

Determine Best Support for Enclosure

The enclosure for the clawfoot tub will hang from the ceiling, usually in the form of a metal ring that is suspended from wires that attach to a support. They can be placed anywhere along the pipe, but they must be supported securely. Check the ceiling for the joists so you can make sure to attach the support in the right place.

Install Pre-Packaged Enclosure

A pre-packaged kit will speed the project. To use this type of kit, you will need to know the exact measurements of your tub. There are 3 choices for pre-packaged enclosure kits:

  • Rim Mounted: This is the type of enclosure that is attached to your actual tub with holes that are drilled in the rim.
  • Wall Mounted: This is a good option for clawfoot tubs that are close to a wall. The curtain ring is attached to the wall and hangs over the tub.
  • Free Standing or Ceiling Mounted: This is a popular type of installation, as it hangs from the ceiling and creates a dramatic effect.

Keep It Level

When installing a clawfoot tub, the most important tool to use is a level. Keeping your curtain ring level will give the enclosure a much better finished look. You should use the level often as you are setting the supports and length of rods.