5 Cleaning Tips for Glass Patio Doors

What You'll Need
Cloths or towels
White vinegar

Glass patio doors look attractive, but a few smears of dirt can spoil them completely. The following provides some tips to help you keep your glass patio doors clean.

Door Furniture

Door handles tend to get very greasy and look dingy. These should be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water. Pay particular attention to the inside of the handles. It might not show, but the dirt is there. Any metal door furniture should be polished lightly once it is cleaned.

Door Frame

The door frame will be handled extensively and it's likely that there will be smudges and smears in areas where the grease and dirt from hands has collected.

The door frame bottom, particularly the threshold, can get ingrained with dirt from people walking on it. Cleaning this could involve a scouring pad or very rough damp cloth. The top of the frame, if it is exposed, will gather dust. Be sure to use a dry cloth to dust it. The whole frame should be wiped down with a damp cloth. If there are any stubborn marks, they will need a little more attention. Difficult areas will benefit from the use of warm, soapy water.

The Door

The edge of the sliding door is often used as a handle, so make sure you wipe both edges carefully with a damp cloth. Don't forget to clean the frame around the glass.


Sliding glass patio doors generally run on a central rail at the bottom of the frame. This rail can get very dirty, which could affect how smoothly the door opens. Wiping the rail is usually sufficient, but occasionally you might have to go over it with a slightly oily cloth. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the grit and dirt that falls along and to either side of this rail.


The glass, both inside and outside, can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water mixture, The mixture should be too weak to produce bubbles. Scrub the glass with a soft cloth. Use newspaper to dry the glass. Newsprint will absorb the moisture and also remove any scum layer that might have been left. The finish will be a high gloss.

If the glass is not clean enough after this treatment, particularly if there are fingerprints and smears on the glass, you will need something more astringent. A strong mixture of white vinegar and water applied with a chamois leather should remove all marks. Dry with newspaper and that should return the full gleam to your glass. If there are still stubborn marks on the glass, it is very important that you do not try to remove them with a razor blade. This procedure can only be used on standard glass. As a final attempt, use neat white vinegar on a kitchen towel. If that does not remove the mark, you will find that it has actually been etched into the glass.

To keep your patio door clean, make it a part of your weekly routine.