5 Colors that Complement Decorative Brass Trim

Choosing one or more colors to complement decorative brass involves no long, drawn-out processes, but you want to consider your options carefully. Decorative brass may be found on light fixtures, framing picture frames and mirrors and on hardware for doors and windows. If you are looking for a change in color scheme in a room where the decorative brass is already in place, choosing the right color(s) is a decision that must involve all the elements of the decor. Only considering what goes well with the brass may alienate carpets, window hangings and furniture in the room.

Decorative Brass Complements

Keep in mind that brass is a metal that falls into the category of warm colors. It closely resembles a mixture of orange and yellow without being either one of them entirely. Since it is metallic, it contains reflective properties that create the illusion of translucence rather than the full opacity of solid colors. The warmth of decorative brass should stand out, so the colors you choose to complement it should enable it. When looking at the color wheel, remember to factor in the room as a whole. With that in mind, here are 5 colors that complement decorative brass.


Among the darker of the green shades, olive possesses enough brown to neutralize the majority of the yellow in the green. Together with decorative brass, olive creates an earthy atmosphere that is not warm, but not cool either. Consider mixing a little white to lighten up the olive color. If it is too dark, the room might feel too enclosed.


For a subdued warm feeling, you can almost never go wrong with maroon or some variety of dark red. Without the brightness of the primary red, maroon is more mature and elegant. Coupled with brass on a door, for instance, the two create a regal atmosphere.


Combining decorative brass with mustard can be risky considering the two are relatively close in tone. However, adjacent colors on a color wheel go together nicely in the right environment, and brass and mustard can be considered adjacent. Too much mustard, though, might be a little over the top, so think about adding a second color for the wood trim to balance it out.

Powder Blue

In small doses, a cooler color like powder blue or even blue violet may complement decorative brass nicely. It is similar to turquoise. You probably don’t want to adorn a room entirely in that color. It is excessive. In isolated areas, though, brass and a cooler blue or violet can be quite charming.

Light Brown or Wood Grain

While dark browns tend to combine with brass to reduce a space to dreariness, a nice light brown or a natural wood grain finish complements decorative brass well. Both components allow the other to shine without being extravagant in their approach.

When choosing a color scheme to go with decorative brass, have an extended color wheel handy. See for yourself which colors match nicely with the metal work. You can always adjust the color by adding a touch more white or black to lighten or darken it, respectively.