5 Common Berber Carpet Materials Explained

berber carpet materials

Berber Carpet contains big and small tufts and is constructed using loop pile methodology. You generally find Berber carpet with a mixture of both light color and dark-colored flecks. Berber carpet takes on color patterns and raised dimensional type patterns.

It is ideal for high traffic areas and it is easy to clean up type carpet. Berber, is simply not always made from the same material. When choosing a carpet of this type and style, you need to be aware of all your choices. Here is a list of your top five Berber Carpet Materials.

1. Handmade Berber Carpet

A product found in places like Morocco, this type of Berber carpet is made by hand. Produced with the finest natural materials and often sold at local markets. As a tourist, you may purchase a handmade Berber carpet while visiting the local shop owners. This type of carpet will complement and accent virtually any living space.

2. Nylon Crafted

Nylon Berber carpet is almost just as elegant as wool. Nylon is not your cheapest alternative to purchasing Berber carpet but is one of your best choices if you cannot afford wool as your carpet material. Nylon-crafted Berber carpet keeps the color bright and vibrant and virtually fade-free year after year.

The one downside about using Nylon for Berber carpet is its ability to burn and melt quickly. The slightest amount of friction over the surface of the carpet (such as when moving furniture around) may create a small melted section of your Berber carpet.

3. Olefin Created

Olefin is the most commonly used material for Berber carpet. It is also the most affordable option. In order to clean an Olefin woven Berber carpet, use a dry cleaning process or clean with a low moisture carpet extraction system.

The one downside to Olefin Berber carpet is durability. Olefin fades quicker than any other type of material used. It does not wear or show as well throughout time and in the long run, may cost you more.

4. Wool Spun

Wool spun Berber carpet is by far your most expensive option. It is, however, the most luxurious and beautifully crafted. If you can afford to pay a little extra now, it will save you in the long run and you will be the happiest with this choice. Colors tend not to fade as quickly and the material wears well. Wool is easy to clean and is not susceptible to melting.

5. Blended Carpets

This is your last option when choosing a Berber carpet material. Blended materials include manufactured ratios of olefin, wool, or nylon. Most common in the marketplace is a blended Nylon and Wool material.

If you cannot afford a full wool-spun carpet, opt for a blended material. Blended carpets come in all different types of colors and dimensions. Pick the style and the colors that fit your décor and living style.