5 Common Ductless Air Conditioner Problems to Avoid

There are many homes in warmer climates, even those with built-in air ducts, who's owners have found a ductless air conditioner to be surprisingly effective in cooling individual rooms. Other homeowners use these air conditioning units in place of the more conventional central systems. Although a single ductless unit is not usually equipped to cool an entire house, it often does work well in cooling an individual room.

For the family that may be evaluating both the ductless system and the central air system, they will need to keep in mind certain potential problems they are not likely to find in air conditioning systems. With a better understanding of these potential problems and how these systems work, you will be in a better position to choose the system that will better meet your home cooling needs. The information below will provide important air conditioning system information.

Improper Operation

A problem you might find more commonly with a smaller air conditioning system such as the ductless type, will be the improper use of the system by the homeowner. An open door or window in your house, for example, can decrease the effectiveness of your air conditioner. An open door or window will typically introduce warm air into a room in your home that may be more difficult for a smaller air conditioning unit to cool. In addition, you'll find that the smaller unit will be made to work much harder to cool a room where hot outside air is introduced through an open window or door.

Improper Refrigerant Charging

A refrigerant charge in an air conditioning system must meet specifications set by the system's manufacturer in order for the system to function properly. Failure to properly charge this refrigerant during installation of the system can result in a reduction of cooling efficiency. This failure is often related to installation by a qualified technician who properly charges the system, to the failure of a technician to find a charging problem, and to complications caused by over-filling the system with refrigerant.

System Leaks

System refrigerant may be low because the proper amount was not added at the time of installation, or because there is a leak in the system. If there is leak in the system, the problem will not be resolved by adding more refrigerant. You will need an authorized technician to repair the leak.

Improper Maintenance

System fans and compressor can fail if filters or coils in the system are not kept clean. When this happens, the system will not work properly. Wire and terminal corrosion can also become a problem in air conditioning systems when they are not checked on a regular basis by a qualified service technician.

Improper Drainage

Condensation that fails to drain properly can cause problems in your air conditioning system. Especially in humid climates where moist air is more likely to condense and collect on cooler surfaces. Another potential drainage problem can arise from air conditioners that are not level when they are installed.