5 Common Types of Shower Curtain Hooks

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You can obtain many shapes and styles of shower curtain hooks. While your primary concern may be getting the right color, size, and number, you should consider a few other things before you buy. Shower curtains come with 12 holes, but not all shower rings will. Make sure you get 12 rings in your set. If you buy a ringless or hookless shower curtain, you won't need rings. Your shower curtain will attach to the shower rod with Velcro strips, or by sliding the rod itself through the grommets on the shower curtain.

Shower Rings or Shower Hooks?

Some people refer to shower curtain rings as hooks. This is actually a name for a style of shower curtain holder. Rings generally encircle the shower rod, while hooks literally hook over the rod. Hooks often have a decorative button or surface, usually sculptural, on the end of the hook that exits the shower grommet or hole and faces outside the shower curtain.

Rings are less decorative, simply holding the curtain to the rod. Some shower treatments use rings to hold a liner to a rod, and hooks to hold the outer curtain. Only the hooks are seen and are usually decorative, and often match or compliment the curtain. For instance, sea shells on the shower hook may accent a seaside-themed shower curtain.

You don't need designer rings or hooks, but half the fun of creating a shower treatment is getting something that looks at least as good as it works. Rings and hooks both have one basic purpose, to hold the shower curtain or liner on the rod. They also allow the user to slide the curtain back for safe and easy exit or entrance into the shower. Rings that grab, jam, or stick result in torn curtains or even falls.

If your budget will bear the cost, look for roller rings or glides. These metal rings have roller balls on the ring that allow the rings to move easily on any shower rod. Usually made of stainless steel, they are a more expensive alternative, but they won't rust.

Types of Popular Shower Curtain Rings and Hooks

Power glides are teardrop-shaped metal rings with attached ball bearings or rollers that allow the rings to move smoothly over any shower rod. Plastic shower curtain hooks are generally inexpensive. Hooks may take the shape of a question mark or "S." Wire rings snap or fasten on themselves. They are also inexpensive but may rust sooner. Snap-on plastic rings encircle the shower rod and snap closed on themselves. They open with a twist or snap. Shower curtain hooks contain a design on one end of the hook which exits the shower curtain hole on the outside of the curtain.