5 Creative Ideas for Footlockers in your Decor

Footlockers can be quite handy to have around the home. They have a rugged and rustic look that is appealing with many decorating styles, and they can provide you with a lot of extra storage space. Footlockers are also quite durable and strong. New footlockers can be purchased at a variety of stores and the best time to find them on sale is during the back-to-school months. However, they can also be found inexpensively at flea markets, garage sales, and perhaps stored away in your own attic. Here are five creative ways that you can use footlockers in your home to add style as well as functionality.

Footlockers for a Teen's Room

Adding a footlocker to a teenager's room can be a great way of adding some extra storage space, in addition to providing extra seating area for when friends visit. Because they are so sturdy, you can add a cushion to the top of a large footlocker and use it as a seating bench. A footlocker is handy for storing sporting equipment, books, or off-season clothing. Teenage boys are often especially fond of the rugged styling of a footlocker, which can fit in well with the overall decor of a boy's bedroom.

Using a Footlocker as a Coffee Table or End Table

Footlockers also make great rustic coffee tables, which can be used very effectively in game rooms, recreation rooms or family rooms. When placed in front of a sofa, a footlocker not only will provide a lot of handy hidden storage space for things like gaming systems, but will also provide you with a handy table surface for drinks and snacks. Because of the durability of a footlocker, it can also serve as a handy ottoman for your feet if you want to kick back and relax. You can also use a foot locker at each end of a sofa as an end table.

Firewood Storage Area

An old footlocker can also provide you with a convenient and attractive option for storing firewood next to the fireplace, while still keeping the area neat. These rugged trunks are strong enough to hold heavy wood, without the fear of damage. You could also store a folded blanket on top of the footlocker to keep it handy for cozy evenings beside the fire.

Handy Seating for Entryways

If you have a mud room, breezeway or garage entrance, placing a footlocker inside the door will give you a convenient place where you can sit down when putting on or taking off shoes and boots. The inside storage area is also perfect for storing outdoor items such as umbrellas and rain gear, garden equipment, wild bird food, pool toys and towels, picnic supplies, outdoor games or pet supplies. A footlocker can be used in a similar fashion to a storage bench, but usually at a fraction of the price.

Patio Storage

Footlockers are sturdy enough to be useful outdoors as well as indoors. Try using one in a protected patio area to store outdoor supplies, or as a convenient place to store a garden hose or other lawn care supplies.