5 Creative Uses for Bifold French Doors

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Bifold French doors are fantastic doors to use in any space. There are so many different bifold doors that one can choose from, the French door design is often overlooked. Most people do not know that a bifold door can be manufactured as a French door design and style. There are many different ways to use a bifold French door. Consider the five ways and different uses of bifold French doors. Be bold and be brave! A bifold French door will make a difference!

1. Room Divider

Homes today are becoming so large and the spaces designed within the homes are gigantic. Do you have a great room? How about a very large bedroom? Sometimes large rooms make us crunch our nose up or look sideways. We are never quite sure how to place furniture or develop a space so it has even flow or so it is appealing to the eye. Many of these spaces need to be broken up into two, three or four conversation areas, reading spots or lounging corners. Using a bifold French door can do just that! Place the bifold French door to create that special reading corner. Frost the glass or add a plant to one of the sides.

2. From Living to Dining Room

Some living rooms and dining rooms are tied together. Rather than leaving that space empty or closing it off with solid doors, try a bifold French door. Not only will the bifold French door add style, but it will promote the passage of light from one room to the next. It will save you space and allow you to open the rooms and join them together if you are having a large gathering or many people over that will spill from one room to the other.

3. Your Bedroom Begs You to Add a Bifold French Door

Imagine your bedroom or your living space with a bifold French door. The bifold door adds character, it adds design and it provides a beautiful amount of light into the room. The bifold French door will save you space and it will give you a sense of style.

4. Add Bold Bifold French Doors to the Foyer

Walk into your home and breathe a sense of style and excitement. Imagine seeing a uniquely built and installed bifold French doors as you walk into your foyer. The bifold French doors can make a breath-taking statement to anyone that walks through the doors of your home.

5. Instead of Slider, Go French Bifold!

Yes, a French Bifold door even can make your exit from your home to your back-yard a pleasurable experience. Ditch the sliding glass door and invest in a French bifold door. This door adds style and elegance to any exit. It saves space and gives you additional room to move. It actually will give you the space you need to bring furniture into the home! Never dismantle another sliding glass door again.