5 Dangers of Chemical Car Paint Removal

a silver car being polished with a blue cloth

There are several options when it comes to car paint removal. You can dip it, media blast it, sandblast it or use chemicals. When it comes to using chemicals for car paint removal, there are a number of dangers you need to be aware of before you start. Some are dangerous to the car while others can be hazardous to you. The more prepared you are, the better things will be when you start removing paint with chemicals.


You have to do the chemical stripping of car paint in a well ventilated area. A build up of chemicals in an enclosed area poses several risks. It can make the air difficult to breathe although you should wear a properly ventilated mask whenever you work with chemicals.

The second grave risk is fire. Some chemicals are very flammable and in an enclosed, space a small spark can easily set things off. Making sure there’s adequate ventilation is vital to avoid either of these risks posing a problem to you.


You will need to have the work area well prepared. If you don’t, the chemicals can cause damage to the walls or floor in the event of a spill or overspray. You need to have plenty of sheets of thick plastic on the floor as well as around the vehicle when you undertake car paint removal with chemicals.


You need to put in a lot of preparation before you start removing the paint. All the trim has to be removed, doors must be taken off and areas where you’re not removing the paint should be taped off and covered. If you don’t do this properly, the chemicals will damage and possibly ruin other parts of your car. This would defeat the purpose of stripping the paint in the first place.

Hazardous Waste

When you use chemicals for car paint removal, you put plastic over the chemicals until the active ingredients die off. However, you can’t just throw the plastic in the garbage. The same applies to all the cleanup from the job.

This material is hazardous waste and that means you need to take it to a hazardous waste site to dispose of it. Having it sitting around in your garage is dangerous because it can remain flammable. At the same time, it’s dangerous to leave outside in case any animals or children get into it. Chemicals can also be toxic if ingested accidentally.

Danger To You

There’s plenty of danger to you when you use chemicals for car paint removal. This means you need plenty of safety equipment. As well as a respirator breathing mask and safety goggles, you’ll also need heavy gloves. These should be thick enough to protect your hands from the chemicals. Additionally, wear boots with steel toecaps and chemical-resistant soles, along with long sleeves and heavy clothing to keep your skin safe. Keep a fire extinguisher and materials for a chemical spill close by for extra safety.