5 Different Basement Floor Plans

A finished basement.

Finishing your basement is a great project, and with the help of basement floor plans, it is easy to find some good ideas. Besides adding a large amount of living space to your house, a finished basement can provide extra room for storage. And some basement remodels have the added benefit of increasing the value of your home. There are many uses for your basement, depending on your needs.

1. Making a Fireplace Room

If you live in a cold climate, having a wood stove installed in the basement can be a great way to keep the foundation of your house warm. Basements are usually cold and damp. They are quite costly to keep warm in the winter.

Besides removing excess humidity and keeping your house comfy, a fireplace room in your basement provides you with extra space to relax and do your favorite hobby. Such a basement is a perfect place to store firewood so that it stays nice and dry all winter.

2. Making an Exercise Room

Since the basement is always the coolest place in the house, even in the summer months, turning it into an exercise room is a great idea. There should be plenty of room to put your heavy workout equipment or thread mill. It is becoming popular to invest in equipment and workout at home. For that, a finished basement is the perfect place. Plus, you won't have to commit to a membership at a gym. It is more convenient and you can exercise in privacy.

3. Making a Playroom for The Kids

A finished basement is great for a family with young children. Having a playroom for the kids in the basement is convenient to store all of the toys in the same place. It is also good to equip the room with an extra television so that the kids can watch their favorite movie or play video games downstairs.

A lot of parents don't know how they could survive without their basement. Of course, to be a good playroom, your basement must be heated in the winter and needs to have a carpeted floor for safety and comfort.

4. Making a Workshop

If your basement has its own entrance, it could be a good idea to make a workshop right by that entrance. It is nice to work in the basement in the cold months and to have a place to store all your tools and materials in order to keep them away from humidity. A workshop keeps the garage clear of the items that are slowly taking up space.

5. Building Extra Bedrooms

It is nice to have an extra bedroom for your guests, instead of having them sleep on the living room floor. A basement is a perfect place to build extra bedrooms. You can split your basement floor into several parts while finishing it and have a small bedroom on one side and a large family room on the other. If your in laws ever end up moving in, this has the bonus of giving them a space away from you to live in.