5 Different Jobs for a Sledgehammer

A sledgehammer is a unique tool that is often portrayed as something used by criminals as they break apart slabs of concrete. A sledgehammer is very heavy and represents a much larger version of the handheld hammer you are used to using. A sledgehammer, though very useful, is not seen much outside of construction or demolition sites. One can use a sledgehammer for all kinds of jobs and the article that follows will share with you some of those.

Concrete Slab Removal

There may come a point in time when you may need to have concrete removed. This can be a poorly poured concrete basement floor to your sidewalk. Unfortunately you cannot just lift up large concrete slabs and expect to move them. It is also very costly to rent or hire a pneumatic hammer to break the slab. Even a bulldozer cannot remove the concrete without it first being broken into smaller pieces that are more easily managed. A sledgehammer is used to break up concrete by combining weight with force. As you swing the sledgehammer downward you generate kinetic energy which, when it strikes the concrete, reverberates through the concrete, hopefully cracking it. Repeated use of the sledgehammer will slowly but surely break the concrete.

Bolts into Concrete

Concrete is a very dense substance which making drilling in it incredibly hard. The drills that exist that have the power to drill into concrete and the bits needed to do so are very expensive. If you have a need to install bolts or hooks to concrete you can use a sledgehammer to achieve this project. The bolt needs to be steel and thick to withstand the power generated from the swinging of a sledgehammer.

Stake Driving

Not every sledgehammer is made from metal and the earliest was wood. It consisted of a handle and a larger mallet. This type of sledgehammer is still in use today by carnivals and other places that have frequent outdoor functions. Small stakes can be pounded into the ground with a rubber mallet or other smaller version of a sledgehammer. Large stakes used to hold down very large tents are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer like this as it does not damage the stakes.

Home Demolition

A sledgehammer can be used to destroy nearly anything that you put in its way. Many contractors will use a sledgehammer to take down entire walls. When the sheet rock, plaster or drywall is no longer needed a sledgehammer will make very short work of removing it. The same also applies to the wall studs and joists that makeup an interior wall. Heating and air conditioning ducts are also easily removed with a sledgehammer.

Removing Exterior Walls

Walls that are meant to stand the test of time seldom stand up to the force of a sledgehammer being swung by someone skilled in its use. Solid concrete walls will take longer to break through but concrete blocks and bricks are fairly easy. As you hit the wall the mortar cracks, which makes it easier to remove the walls.