5 Different Kinds of Pegboard Organizers

Pegboard organizers make your pegboards look neat, while offering storage solutions for your everyday needs. Whether you use pegboards to store your tools and related items or for laundry, there are organizers that allow you to easily access what you need, without losing it all the time. There are many pegboard organizers available, but here are 5 different kinds that every pegboard owner should have.

1. Pegboard Bins

Think of these as miniature storage trays, but deeper and taller. You can store small items in them, such as coins, beads and extra parts. Pegboard bins are also called hanging bins, and they attach to the pegboards and lock in place to hold the weight of the bin after you add things to it. You'll need several of these, because they are small in size. On average, pegboard bins are no higher than 3 inches, and no deeper than 1/2-inch. A pegboard organizer kit will include at least two, but you should try to get more.

2. Storage Shelves

There are some items that won't hang well on pegboard hooks, but you'll want to store them on your pegboard near other items. Shelves are one kind of pegboard organizer to use for this purpose, for example, if you're organizing a laundry room. You can hang your ironing board up on a sturdy tool holder, and use a storage shelf to store the iron and spray bottle. Another example is using storage shelves in the home office. If you use a pegboard, a storage shelf is handy to store reference books, paper trays, pen holders and other items for your home office.

3. Organizer Jars

You'll find all sorts of uses for an organizer jar on your pegboard. If you have children, your options are limitless. Store crayons, hair accessories, diaper pins, spoons and any small items that end up on the floor all the time. It can also hold items for your tool kit, such as screws and tacks. Whatever you would hold in a pegboard bin could go in an pegboard organizer jar instead. The great thing about these jars is that you won't lose them, because they're attached to the pegboard. Buy at least two, and you won't regret it.

4. Parts Trays

If your pegboards are on a wall, and not in the closet where you'll open and close the door, then parts trays work well instead of or in addition to organizer jars. Store screws, nails, nuts, bolts, spare parts and anything else that will fit. The trays attach to and lock into the pegboard, so you'll have everything organized in one place. A kit will include at least 2 for your pegboards, which is often enough if you include the other pegboard organizers already mentioned.

5. Racks

These work like storage shelves, but they're racks. This may be a better option to hold miscellaneous tools, like a hammer. Metal racks are the best option, because a plastic rack is not as durable.