5 Different Types of Hanging Brackets

Hanging brackets are easy to install and create a place to hang all sorts of things around your house. Most hanging brackets function the same, but have small variations to allow you to hang different items. Hanging brackets are available in any number of designs and finishes. Wrought iron brackets are very popular and can be found at your local home improvement store, garden shop, or online. Whatever design you are trying to achieve there is a bracket available. Traditional ornate brackets are easier to find. Modern and minimalist designs are available, but you may have to search them out. There are a number of online retailers that specialize in hanging brackets. If you are looking for something extra special, you may want to start there. 

1. Sign Bracket

Sign brackets come in a variety of sizes. They can accommodate a small sign or a large sign for a business or even a housing complex. The smaller sign brackets are triangular in shape and attach to the wall from the side. You will have to use a drill to screw the bracket into the wall. There are two small rings that you will attach your sign to. The larger, freestanding sign brackets are built on two metal stakes. These stakes are usually decorative. There is a metal piece at the top connecting the two stakes. On this piece there are two rings that you will use to attach your sign.

2. Plant Bracket

Plant brackets are available in a number of different designs. Some of the brackets are triangular in shape like the sign brackets. Other are designed more like hooks with a wood piece that connects to the wall and the hanging bracket that extends from there. These brackets are most commonly used to hang plants in hanging baskets. 

3. Candle Holder Bracket

Candles are always a welcome feature to home décor. Instead of finding places to sit candles throughout your house, you can use a candle holder bracket. Designed in a triangular fashion, these brackets often have a chain and small votive holder hanging from them. You will find these brackets in a variety of sizes, but the smaller ones are more readily available.

4. Bird Feeder Bracket

Bird feeder brackets can be found in two different varieties. They are available in the triangular shaped metal version that is screwed to the wall. These are designed to have a bird feeder hang from a hook. These brackets are always placed on an exterior wall. Bird feeder hanging brackets are also available for your garden. These brackets are free standing and are sometimes made to simply stick in the ground. 

5. Wind Chime Bracket

Wind chimes are often hung in children’s nurseries or on patios and porches. A hanging bracket designed for a wind chime will be the standard triangle design. The bracket will attach to a wall with screws. You will then attach the wind chime to the bracket. Any retailer that sells wind chimes will also sell brackets to mount them. 

That’s it. Hanging brackets have many uses throughout your home. Select one in the perfect style, size, and finish for your home decorating needs.