5 Different Types of Split Heat Pumps Explained

Heat pump units outside a building
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If you are considering buying a heat pump for your home, you'll want to consider split heat pumps. Split heat pumps work by having an external and internal pump, the latter of which is connected to ducts which can heat any room. You can install the external pump in any part of your yard, and the internal pump keeps the warm air flowing through whichever rooms you wish. If you want to get the best of types of split heat pump, you need to look into the various types available.

1. Air Source Single Split Pumps

These types have the least amount of wiring, but they are also the least versatile of the makes. You will be able to put a single split heat pump into your house wherever you like, but you will only have one indoor unit, which can mean that only one room will be heated. This can be your cheapest option, if you only need to heat one room.

2. Air Source Dual Split

These heat pumps are the next step up from the single split, and if you can afford these, they are a good overall choice. In a split heat pump system, you have two indoor units to install in different rooms, say a living room and a bedroom. In a small house you do not need more than the dual split to warm your house to an acceptable standard.

3. Air Source Multi-split Pumps

The multi-split pump consists of more than two indoor units using separate refrigerant ducts which allow the heat to travel throughout the ducts. You might have to fit the ducts into your walls or room system, and each duct will then open up into another room.

4. Air Source Muti-Split VRF

These different multi-split ducts have what is called as Variable Refrigerant Flow (or VRF), where the ducts use a common refrigeration coil to spread the heat through the house. This means that you can set the temperature to different levels in the different areas of the house, for example warming the rooms to the correct level. You can then get the best out of your heating system by creating the perfect levels of warmth throughout your home.

5. Different Split Pumps

These different types of split pumps will allow you to get the best out of your system. The single split will be the cheapest, and you will have a warm room wherever you decide to install it. If you can get more split pumps, you should definitely attempt to purchase the best one that you can get. A VRF is the most advanced type but it will also cost the most.