5 Different Types of Sprinkler Valves Explained

A sprinkler system makes use of different types of sprinkler valves to function properly. There are two main valves used in the system: the sprinkler valves and the shut-off valve. The shut-off valves are used to turn off the water supply on the sprinkler system temporarily. The sprinkler valves are necessary in the delivery of pressurized water to the sprinkler head. Here are some of the most common valves used in a sprinkler system.

1. Gate Valves

Gate valves are usually used in home sprinkler systems that are not often utilized. Each valve makes use of a circle handle that is rotated to turn on or off the flow of water to the sprinkler system. These valves are typically connected to the mainline pipes and are used to deliver highly pressurized water to the sprinkler system. Gate valves are not easily damaged by pressurized water and are easy to turn on or off. The brass seat on the valve may be a disadvantage because it may cause the valve to lose its secure seal earlier than expected.

2. Ball Sprinkler Valves

These valves are designed for frequent usage. Their durability and longevity make them perfect candidates for sprinkler systems used in commercial areas where sprinkling is constantly necessary. It can also be used for residential purposes, particularly for people who have constant need for the sprinkler system. The valve can be opened by turning a lever quarter way. However, careful application is needed on the lever because turning the valve too fast may cause the pressurized water to damage the sprinkler system. One advantage of using this type of valve is its ability to keep its sealing quality for a longer period of time.

3. Automatic Control Sprinkler Valves

Sprinklers used to be manually turned on or off during sprinkling schedules. However, the development of technology has brought a more convenient sprinkler system that uses an automatic control valve. These valves are used along with sprinkler controllers and timers to provide ease of use in watering lawns and gardens as well as other landscapes. Automatic control valves are more efficient because they are timed automatically, deliver the right amounts of water, and spray at more precise locations.

4. Anti-Siphon Valves

This type of sprinkler valve is designed to prevent the backflow of water, which in turn prevents the contamination of the water source. These valves shut the source of water tightly as soon as the water pressure is turned off. This mechanism prevents any other material from entering the water pipes. These valves are made out of different materials such as PVC and brass. Brass valves are more expensive, but do offer durability and efficiency. PVC valves are cheaper, but are easily damaged.

5. In-line Valves

In-line valves are also used to regulate the flow of water on a sprinkler system, but unlike anti siphon valves, these valves do not offer protection from backflow. However, these valves are designed to be installed under the ground to hide the plumbing. Usually, they are installed along with backflow prevention devices and vacuum breakers.