5 Different Varieties of Holly Trees

Holly trees add beauty and serenity to the landscape all year round, with their dark green foliage and red berries in the winter. The following will help you identify several kinds of holly trees.

American Holly

This holly tree will grow up to 50 feet high, in a pyramid shape, with foliage that spreads between 18 and 40 feet in diameter. Its red berries appear in the fall. It makes a lovely hedge or border.

Chinese Holly

The Chinese holly (Ilex cornuta) grows to 8 feet tall at maturity, and often lives 20 years or more. An evergreen, it retains its glossy leaves all year round. Its berries appear in fall, and ripen over the winter. Grow the Chinese holly in areas where winter temperatures stay above -20 F.

Michigan Holly / Winterberry

This deciduous holly's leaves fall off in November leaving behind colorful red berries that cling to the branches all winter long. This holly is highly tolerant of cold conditions.

Japanese Holly

Most types of Japanese holly do not grow beyond 12 feet in height. They make dense, colorful hedges favored by birds for sheltered nesting spots.

Dwarf Holly

Several dwarf hollies reach only 3 feet tall and make a fine border for a garden bed.