5 Different Wooden Shutter Designs

If you have a home improvement project that involves using a wooden shutter, you have many design styles to choose from. When choosing shutters you should note both the decorative elements as well as the practical function of the shutter. Wooden shutter designs can either be functional or simply placed by the window for decorating value only. Exterior and interior shutters have different mechanisms and weather resistance properties so consider the application carefully.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are unique, exterior shutters. They have a very neat finish that polishes the outside of the home. This shutter style has louvers that prop the shutters against your house. You will find Bahama shutters on beach homes and in coastal areas where weather is an issue for homeowners. These are fully functional shutters that close and lock when you need them to.

Combined Exterior Shutters

Combined exterior shutters are built with an all board bottom and wooden panels at the top end. The wooden panels found at the top end of the panel will expose the home’s exterior underneath. There is a block solid rectangle found at the bottom which will provide coverage. These are built with architectural details in mind. Most people that choose these wooden shutters are looking for a wooden shutter that will be able to define the exterior of their home. If you place any dark colored combined shutters on a light home, the effect will be dramatic. The majority of the combined wooden shutters are built to withstand storms. These can turn inwards and protect the windows in times of storm activity.

Paneled Shutters

Paneled shutters have a colonial characteristic to them. They are what you would imagine spotting on an old Victorian style home. The view of a paneled shutter is simple. It has a long rectangle in the middle and it is followed by a cut out on the outside of the shutter. These would suit homes that have wooden traits or any that were built to look like cabins.

Louvered Wooden Shutters

Louvered wooden shutters are seen on several homes. They are able to compliment the outside appearance of the home and still remain classic. The appearance of a louvered panel has miniature wooden slits featured on the top and bottom of the panel. Your home’s exterior can be seen through the panel and these wooden shutters are typically seen in only a solid color.

Board and Batten shutters

Board and Batten shutters are made to give your windows a laid-back style. These wooden shutters have a country feel to them and will make your home fit in a rural setting. You can compare the board and batten panels to a traditional barn door. The shutters consist of four vertical panels with a horizontal panels at each end. If you are looking for a wooden shutter design that can give a rustic appearance next to the windows, this is the one to choose.