5 Display Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights are developing into a unique suburban art. There are many styles of lights that you can choose from as well as ways to display them. Creating a display for your outdoor Christmas lights.

1. The Christmas Light Tree

You can go to pretty much any large department store and find Christmas lights that you can stand out in your lard that look like a Christmas tree. You can spend this money on these trees or you can make your own. You need a large pole or stake to place in your yard. This will be the center point of the tree. A large ladder will be required to hang the lights which you attach to the top of the center post. Pull them tight on an angle and stake them in the ground.

2. Making a Character Come to Life

Christmas has its familiar personalities from snowmen and elves to Santa himself. There are so many kinds of lights you can purchase that you could create nearly any character. You can use your house as the canvas and add a few support rods to hold up strings of lights to create the face of Santa on your garage. You can create your own light frames out of wire and simply string and weave lights around and through the wire.

3. Make Your Christmas Lights Dance

You may have seen Internet videos of people making their Christmas lights dance to music. These synchronized Christmas displays may look complicated but you can buy kits with all the parts and simple instructions. All you need to add is your music. You can even use music that has been programmed already. Making your own system is as easy as purchasing a relay, an old set of computer speakers, a power cord and an outlet adapter.

Remove the wires from the amplifier and solder them to the relay. The one contact of the adapter is soldered directly to the relay and the other is soldered to the power cord. Plug the unit's audio line into the music source, plug the unit into an outlet and plug the lights into the adapter.

4. It's a White Christmas

Colorful lights have always been used by homeowners. Try something new this season and go with all white lights. It can create a stunning display which can accentuate any snow that may have fallen the night before. If you choose to go with all white Christmas lights then follow the less is more mantra.

5. Christmas Village

A standard light display is fun but can become boring year after year. Set a new standard by designing your own Christmas village. It does not have to be huge. You can purchase houses, trees and figures to create the village. You could add some train tracks and a small motorized train too.