5 DIY Materials You Can Reuse

colorful mason jar chandelier

If you’re a DIYer, you’re going to end up with project leftovers. Always save your DIY materials if they're in good shape. You can usually think of something else to do with them down the road. Here are a few of the most useful items to repurpose.

Mason Jars

The Mason jar seems like it was made specifically for the DIYer. There are dozens and dozens of possibilities for projects inside every single Mason jar. They can become light fixtures, snow globes, beautiful decorative objects, storage containers—you name it. You can even turn them into drinking glasses by just cleaning them out!

Pro tip—Mason jars can be painted or covered in Washi tape to make them more colorful.

Jar Lids

Once you start getting creative with Mason jars, you could end up with a bunch of leftover lids. Don't throw them away! Collect flowers, herbs, and beautiful leaves, then carefully press them against the inner side of the lid so the pretty side of the flower or plant shows through the top of the lid. Cut a piece of wax paper to the size of the lid and press this to the inside of the lid to hold the plant in place.

Tie twine (or better yet, strips of old T-shirts and jeans you're never going to wear) around the rim of the lids and tie the other end of the string to a branch. Hang several of these botanical lids so that they dangle down from the branch. Tie two more pieces of string at either end of the branch, then tie these together. Now, you can hang up this beautiful creation to display a pretty DIY set of not-too-loud wind chimes.

metalic jar lids

Plastic Bottles

There's pretty much no limit to what you can create with used plastic bottles. Cut the tops off of standard soda and water bottles, cover the top edge with colorful tape, and now you have a container to hold pens, markers, crayons, and all sorts of other objects.

A two-liter bottle can become a candy dish, a bowl to hold small items, or even a planter. Cut the bottle a little more than halfway down and paint it in any color you like. Get creative and once the paint dries, use markers to draw whiskers, noses, and little eyes. Use the top of the bottle to cut ears, and now you can create a rabbit, a cat, a mouse, or any number of cute creatures.

You can even make a sprinkler. Punch many small holes into one side of a two-liter bottle. Remove the cap and place the bottle on the hose. Set it down, turn it on and get ready!

wooden clothespins on a table


Don't throw out those empty tuna, cat food, and seafood cans. Wash them out. Very, very thoroughly. In fact, soak them awhile to get rid of the smell. Once you do, you're ready to DIY. Place clothespins close together all the way around the can, placing the pins so that the pointed ends are sticking up.

Fill the cans themselves with soil, add some herb seeds, and suddenly, you have lovely, organic-looking wooden planters and a whole mini herb garden. Place your little pots near a sunny window and enjoy your DIY skill.


Frames of all types, even window and mirror frames, can be turned into a great kitchen solution. Get rid of the glass and any backing, so you have only the frame. Paint it, stain it, cover it in sticky paper to make it colorful, or even wrap it in yarn to give it a more textured look. Wrap a chain around two sides of the frame so you can hang it from the ceiling.

Use hooks to secure the chain to the ceiling and add several hooks spaced out around the frame. Point the curvy side of the hooks down. Now it's a pot rack!