5 Easy Bathroom Storage Solutions

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These 5 easy bathroom storage solutions will help to tidy your bathroom in no time. No one enjoys the process of climbing through a dozen shampoo bottles to get into the shower, or shoveling through toothbrushes and combs to wash their hands. These solutions will help you to simplify your bathroom storage and improve the appearance and usability of bathroom space.

Over the Toilet Storage

Among the simplest ways to improve bathroom storage is to purchase or install a simple over-the-toilet storage unit. Veer away from metal units unless they are stainless, or you will have trouble with rust within several months to a year. Ensure that the unit fits comfortably over the toilet so that nobody has an unpleasant bump on the head. A solidly unit is simply bought or made with a well sealed wood and cabinet doors to make the finished product look neat and sleek.

Go Vertical

Even if your bathroom is cramped, vertical space can provide an ample bathroom storage solution that fits your needs. A tall, thin bookcase or a slim built-in ceiling height unit can be excellent for storing towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more. Most homes have a ceiling height between 8 and 10-feet. This space is often underutilized. Take advantage of your vertical storage space with these space-saving ideas to makeyour bathroom will be roomier in no time.

Use Exterior Space

If you have a large hallway or open space outside the bathroom, consider putting a freestanding bathroom storage cabinet in the space just outside your bathroom door. An armoire can make a beautiful storage solution that blends with the décor of your outside space. It serves perfectly to hide all of the bathroom necessities.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Do you have an empty space at least 2-feet wide by 1-foot deep? Consider installing or purchasing a bathroom storage cabinet. Bathroom storage cabinets make great use of both floor space and vertical space. They can be an attractive addition to any bathroom. Doors hide cluttered toiletries and increase the keep the space tidy. Adjustable shelves provide a variety of storage options for all of your bathroom items.

Shower Storage Units

Bathroom knick-knacks always accumulate is in the shower. A bathroom storage solution that will give you a lot of mileage for your money is a shower shelving unit. Such a unit can be purchased from a home supply store relatively cheaply. It works on a spring-loaded system. Unfortunately, these units can be flimsy and easily come out of their spring loaded support, causing a mess and a potential safety hazard.

A better option is an installed shelving unit, which can be purchased at a home improvement store. These units sit on the tub edge and are sealed and caulked into place. While they are more costly, as they have to be purchased at the correct size to fit your tub, these units are more visually appealing, and provide a more permanent solution to your shower storage needs.