5 Edible Plants You Didn't Know Of

The fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices available in your local grocery store does not encompass all of the edible plants on planet earth. In fact, there are hundreds of species of edible plants that have yet to be discovered by humanity. Also, in addition to widely available edible plants, there are many edible plants that live in the wild.

This article will highlight 5 fairly common edible plants that you probably don’t know are edible.

Marigold: The blossom of this common annual flower is edible and have a fruity aftertaste.

Cat Tail: The root of the cat tail plant is edible and is excavated from the ground fairly easy. Beware, it tastes bitter and bland.

Dandelion: Every part of the dandelion may be consumed except for the stems. The leaves can be eaten in a salad, the blossom may be cooked and the root may be eaten in any form.

Ficus: Surprisingly, the tree that is commonly seen living in people’s homes may be eaten. The leaves and bark of the Ficus tree can be consumed; it tastes earthy with a tinge of bitterness.

Pansies: Both the flowers and leaves of the Pansy may be consumed without causing the body harm. Pansies are a popular annual plant that appears in flower gardens throughout the United States.