5 Essential Hilti Gun Safety Tips

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The Hilti gun is one of the most effective methods to join semi-hard or rigid materials to other hard surfaces such as concrete or steel. This powder actuated tool is quite useful and can perform a wide range of tasks, however, it requires training, certification, and extra care to be handled safely. Hence, here some essential tips that are required to handle, store and use this equipment appropriately.

1. Follow the Instructions

No one should operate a Hilti gun without proper training and possession of a valid operator's permit. An operator must first attend to training by a qualified training instructor or other authorized agencies before using this tool.

2. Check the Gun

Hilti guns are designed to use specially manufactured drive pins and threaded studs for fastening timber woods or light metals to concrete and steel. This tool works by transmitting the energy contained in a power load to a captive piston which in turn transfers the energy to the fastener.

Before operating the tool, check that it does not contain any live power loads or fasteners. You can test that the tool is functioning correctly by pressing it to the work surface and pull the trigger. Listen to the click of the firing pin dropping and repeat this test for a number of times to check the gun’s consistency.

3. Select the Proper Power Load

The selection of power load is very important to prevent any incidents and to get a successful result. Each power load contains a specific type and quantity of explosive that relates to the relative strength of the power load. Make sure to get the right power load for the right job to avoid damaging the surface or injuring yourself.

4. The Muzzle Lock

Like other power tools, the Hilti gun has a muzzle safety lock that prevents the gun from shooting if it is not pressed to a surface. This safety feature makes sure that the gun is not fired in a faulty way, causing the pin to set off in open air. When using a Hilti gun make sure to apply some force to the surface in order to get a perfect shot.

5. Unload the Gun

After using a Hilti gun, make sure that it is completely unloaded from any power loads and fasteners. Thus, the tool will be a lot safer when another operator picks it up. However, unloading the gun does not eliminate the necessity to check the gun before you use it.

The Hilti gun and other similar powder actuated guns should always be used in a fine way and with good intentions. However, if you don’t have some professional training on how to use this type of tool, do not try to do so.