5 Essential RV Detailing Supplies

an RV under a covered area

RV detailing is a job that requires plenty of time, and some essential gear, in order to do the job right. A clean RV will not only look good while you are driving down the road, but will also be better protected from future damage like paint chips, rust, and problems with air intakes and accessory plug ins. Detailing is a labor of love that requires a lot of time, effort, and precise attention to the task that you are performing. If you have an RV and want to detail it, here are some of the supplies you will need for a great-looking finished product.

1. Basic Supplies

When you talk about essential RV detailing supplies there is none more essential than the basic supplies. Most detailers will tell you that they use everyday cleaning items more in detailing than in the expensive tools that are available. These basics will include items such as:

  • Bucket and Sponges - Cleaning the exterior is done with the old-fashioned method of soap and water in a bucket and a sponge for application.
  • Telecoping Sponge - This is a tool with a sponge on the working end attached to a telescoping rod.
  • Stiff Brush - Where there is a build up of bugs, tar, and other hard debris, a stiff brush is the only way to work them off of the exterior of your motorhome.
  • Rags - A rag is used in many aspects of detailing your RV and should be kept in abundant supply.
  • Cleaning Supplies - Things like paper towels, detergents, sprays, and other cleaning elements for the exterior and interior of the RV are also needed.

2. Rotary Power Buffer

Since the RV can have a lot of surface area to apply wax to, another essential detailing tool is a power buffer tool. This will help you not only apply the wax, but also buff it into a great shine. Detailers have been using power buffers for many years now because of the way that it can cut the time of detailing in half.

3. Shop Vac or Rug Shampooer

To get the inside cloth surfaces clean of debris, stains, and to freshen them up it is essential to have a portable rug shampooer or a wet/dry vacuum. The shampooer is used much like a regular rug shampoo machine with special rug cleaning solution. You will need to manually apply rug cleaner with a brush and water if you use the wet/dry vacuum. However, you can use these two tools for sofas, seats, rugs, and any other cloth surface.

4. Touch-Up Paint

As you use the RV to travel around the country, there will be times when you pick up paint chips because of rocks, bugs, or other flying debris. Some touch-up paint in your RV detailing toolbox will be needed. The paint is used to touch up any unprotected surfaces so rust does not start.

5. Engine Degreaser

A clean engine is also going to be one that runs much better. Detailers have been using engine degreaser for many years to give the engine a little better shine and performance. Coupled with a small power washer, an engine degreaser can make short work of cleaning the engine compartment.