5 Expert Sunroom Shopping Tips

A sunroom, like any other room in the house, will need to be built correctly and furnished accordingly. If there isn’t sufficient space in the back yard for a sunroom, it might be worthwhile to build a gazebo or install decking. The following will provide some tips on how to go about building your sunroom.

Tip One – Contractors

A sunroom can be built as a DIY project or by contractors. Take bids from local contractors to identify the amount of work that will be required and the length of time it will take. Once you've checked the references of the contractors, meet with them to hammer out a work schedule for the start and completion dates.

If you are building the sunroom as a DIY project, mark out the space and purchase the relevant amount of windows and concrete. For the interior design of a sunroom, you may have to hire an interior designer. However, you can avoid this if you identify the purpose of the room early.

Tip Two – Windows

When selecting the windows for a sunroom, consider what type will be required. Most newly built sunrooms will have double glazing and it is a good idea to identify their energy star rating for adequate home insulation. While choosing windows, select the type of doors that you need. For instance, will there be sliding doors or swing doors? 

Tip Three – Flooring

The floors of a sunroom should be the same height as the rest of the house and the floor tile should be light and hardy. Terracotta tiles work best, but laminate wooden flooring will also reflect plenty of sunlight. If you are also installing plumbing or electricity, you will need take this into account as well. You will need to hire a recognized professional to handle all the plumbing and electrical work.

Tip Four – Lighting

A sunroom will let in a huge amount of natural light. However, you will also need to install synthetic lighting as well. This does not have to necessarily be ceiling lighting and synthetic fixtures can be something as simple as lamps.

If you are planning to use the sunroom as an additional room, using artificial and natural lighting mixed with soft furnishings will ensure that the room maintains a bright and airy feel. Hang mirrors, as these will reflect the sunlight and provide the illusion of space. If there isn’t space for a sunroom you decide to erect a gazeebo, wind fairy lights around the outside and install solar lighting in the back yard. 

Tip Five – Plants

Incorporate plants into the room as this will provide an extension to the garden. Using terracotta tiles will provide a hardy and easy-to-maintain flooring option. If there is decking in the back yard, place some potted plants or a container herb garden around it, as this will extend the garden as well. Potted plants can be purchased from garden centers or from a local nursery, but always try to choose plants that are hardy and require plenty of sunlight such as azaleas and gardenia.