5 Fresh and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Open shelving in a kitchen with various cooking items on them.
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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

It's the cabinets that truly make or break a kitchen. If your cabinets look outdated, all your other modern kitchen design touches will look dated, too. Freshen up the look of your kitchen with trendy cabinet designs that can transform your space and give your room a modern feel.

1. Skip Them Altogether

If you want to create a truly stunning modern kitchen look, get rid of your cabinets. Put shelves up everywhere instead and create a totally open design. This is very trendy in modern kitchen designs, but it requires a certain boldness. If you embrace unconventional home style, this trendy look will suit your taste. Just remember that with open cabinets, you won’t have a lot of hiding places for clutter.

2. Paint it Black

Black kitchen cabinets.

Go for high drama in the kitchen and make a bold choice by painting your cabinets black. This immediately makes the cabinets a strong focal point of the room, and it looks very clean and modern. You'll want to balance out the room's color scheme with white and pops of color so this design doesn’t look drab.

The floors and walls of the room dictate whether or not you can use this trendy look in your space. You should only pair black cabinets with light-colored floors and walls. Otherwise, you could create a kitchen that feels more like a dungeon. Natural light helps to prevent the black cabinets from looking too dark, so opt for window treatments that allow a lot of sun into the room.

3. Industrial Decor

Industrial design is hot in modern home style right now, so you can't go wrong if you use this trend in your kitchen. Make your cabinets look more industrial by choosing long cabinet pulls in stainless steel and using metal, wood, or concrete accents. The simple, unfinished look of industrial designs pairs beautifully with softer accents and fabrics.

4. Go Glossy

A white, modern, glossy kitchen.

Instead of traditional wood or white cabinets, make your kitchen pop with cabinets in vivid, glossy colors. Bright jewel tones immediately catch the eyes and make the cabinets a can't-miss kitchen attraction. Glossy, shiny cabinets in bright colors are a hot home trend, and a great way to break free from the traditional kitchen designs of the past. You'll want to pair vividly-colored cabinets with white or wooden walls and floors, and avoid using a lot of color in the rest of your room design so that cabinets become the focal point.

5. Reach for the Sky

Make your cabinets look more modern by getting cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling. Ceiling-high cabinets give the kitchen a sleek, streamlined look that's clean and modern, and this is a very trendy design style right now. Be sure to choose a cabinet color you love if you're going to use this design trend, because you're going to see a lot of it.

Give your kitchen modern cabinets, and give yourself a trendy, great space that you’ll enjoy spending time in. The kitchen is a main room of the house. Make yours memorable and stylish with modern cabinet trends.