5 Front Porch Decorations for Fall

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Decorating your home for autumn is the perfect way to embrace this glorious season. What better place to start than your own front porch? A festive front porch can create a welcoming vibe while emphasizing your home’s personality.

The good news is that front porch decorations don't have to be permanent and even the smallest items can make a huge difference. As a result, this type of décor is an excellent option for those who are renting because it gives you the chance to make your space feel like your own. Need some inspiration for this year’s fall decor? Check out this list of five easy decoration ideas for your front porch. Before you know it, your home will have the most beautiful entrance on the block.

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1. Pumpkin Flower Pots

When it comes to traditional fall activities, carving pumpkins is at the top of the list. This year, try upgrading this classic concept by using a pumpkin as a flower pot for classic fall flowers. This is a beautiful way to show off festive foliage on your front porch. You also have the option of using either real or fake flowers. For optimal autumn vibes, choose blooms in warm colors, neutrals, and jewel tones. Don’t be afraid to mix in natural elements like twigs, wheat stalks, and berry sprays. You can even add cinnamon-scented pine cones from the craft store and rosemary to bring in delicious aromas and scents.

Remember, you don’t have to carve a Halloween-themed design into the pumpkin. A simple geometric pattern or a leaf motif can add versatility to your creation. For a personalized touch, consider carving your house number, phrase, or monogram into the pumpkin.

2. Wood Block Pumpkins

A grouping of pumpkins made from wood.

Image via The Weekend Country Girl

For a pumpkin that will last a lifetime, use a rectangle or square block of wood. Apply a few layers of paint in your favorite orange shade. Top it off with a tiny block of wood painted green or a small tree branch—this will be the “stem.” You can also adhere curly strands of wire for a country-inspired touch. For best results, use wood glue.

This idea is useful for using up wood scraps from past projects. You can also use repurposed objects like wood crates and table parts. Check out your local junkyard or flea market for reclaimed wood materials. You can also create multiple wood block pumpkins in different shapes and sizes for a darling “pumpkin patch” on your porch that you can use year after year.

3. Rake Wreath

For a beautiful alternative to the conventional wreath, use a rake as a base. This idea requires minimal construction and is perfect for using up remnants and scraps. To make your own, simply weave faux foliage through the wire prongs of an old rake. Grapevine garland works especially well for this. You can also add a layer of faux autumn leaves, pine cones, and acorns. Ribbon, twine, and hemp can also be added. Accent with a small chalkboard sign featuring the phrase “Welcome!” or “Happy Fall!” for a warm touch.

4. Pumpkin House Numbers

A row of pumpkins with house numbers on them.

Image via A Diamond in the Stuff

Here’s another charming way to use pumpkins to personalize your front porch. Using faux pumpkins, paint a digit onto each one. Alternatively, you can glue lightweight wood or metal numbers onto them. Stack the faux pumpkins on top of each other and adhere with strong glue, or line them up in a row. This project will last the entire season and can be pulled out of storage every autumn.

5. Watering Can Planter

Do you have a green thumb? Show off your love for both plants and autumn with an easy watering can planter. Simply add a bouquet of real or faux blooms to an empty watering can. A vintage metal watering can from the thrift store is perfect for a rustic touch. You can also easily spray paint a plastic version for a piece that matches your existing décor.