5 Glider Rocking Chair Types

The glider rocking chair is available in many different styles. Traditional styles are simple wooden boxes with a rocker suspended from them, and some modern rockers are deeply upholstered and designed as stylish additions to a family room. Before you make a choice on the type of glider rocking chair you want, take a few minutes to understand the differences, so you will know which one is best suited for you.

Type #1: Traditional Glider Rocking Chairs

A traditional glider rocking chair is generally reminiscent of Adirondack or the simpler gooseneck style of rocking chairs. This type of glider rocking chair is typically used for porch, patio and garden and adds a nice country feel to the decor. Traditional rockers tend to be less expensive than other models and can be easily repaired if damage occurs. They are available in single or multiple-person varieties and typically offer the widest variety in seating.

Type #2: Modern Rocking Chairs

A modern rocking chair might fit in with the living room decor. These rockers often feature upholstered surfaces and such convenient touches as full recliner capability. The term modern rocking chair refers to a wide range of chair types, including those which use alternative materials. From cozy and comfortably upholstered chair styles to futuristic alternative designs, modern rocking chairs are available to fit every style and budget.

Type #3: Bamboo and Wicker Glider Rocking Chairs

An oriental style rocking chair is often made from bamboo or wicker. Using bamboo slats offers a naturally smooth, rounded surface that won't splinter the way thin flat slats may. Wicker rockersĀ  are often intricately woven affairs that are equally at home on a deck or in your favorite sitting room. These glider rockers are more commonly found indoors but some models are built expressly for patio of garden use--so don't feel limited in what you are able to use.

Type #4: Infant and Children's Rockers

A glider rocking chair is an excellent choice for infants or small children. The moving parts are contained inside the chair so there is little chance for pinched fingers or toes. Additionally, glider tracks give the smoothest motion available in a rocking chair, making it a great choice for the chair where baby is often rocked to sleep. To decorate a child's rocking chair, think bright colors and engaging shapes. Smaller children will enjoy decals or stencils of letters and numbers, and animals or cartoon characters will keep an older child's interest.

Type #5: Alternative Materials

Other materials that can be used for making glider rocking chairs are plastics, including PVC, and molded aluminum. Even an old wooden barrel can be cut, modified, fitted with glider tracks and turned into a unique and entertaining outdoor glider rocking chair. From antique conversion to ultra modern alternative designs, modern materials are lighter and easier to use than wood, and are not as likely to deteriorate over time.