5 Great Plants for Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the term that defines synergistic combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. The idea is to combine the activities so that the potential negative aspects in each are lost in a sustainable manner. In brief, combining the activities together leads to greater benefit than carrying them out alone. This gardening technique is designed to use minimal fertilizers and maximize the use of water. It involves using fish waste as fertilizer and growing plants and raising fish in the same water. 

Plants that Thrive Well in Aquaponics 

The plants that thrive well in such systems depend on the density of the fish tanks and the nutrient content of the fish waste. Great plans for aquaponics include lettuce, chives, herbs, basil, spinach, and other leafy vegetables as these plants grow best due to the high-nitrogen fertilizer that is generated by the fish. This helps grow lush foliage. 

Research has concluded successful growing of cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers too. The list of popular flowers that can be grown in aquaponics are roses and lilies. Plants that generate fruit need higher nutrition and can be cultivated in aquaponics systems when they are heavily stocked with fish.

Plants that Don't Thrive Well in Aquaponics

The plants that do not do well in such systems are carrots, potatoes, and others that are grown under the soil. This is because the shape of these crops is spoiled when there is no soil used for growing them.