5 Half Bath Design Ideas

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Half-bath design ideas can be very limited if you do not consider the outer parts of your limited space dimensions. Most of the time you will be working within a confined area, which means that the number of things that you could put in is also limited.

Use More Light

To make the confined space appear larger, let more light into the area. Artificial lighting can be used in strategic locations to make your half-bath feel less confining.

Color It Right

To add more depth to the space and to make it appear bigger, use colors that are 1 shade lighter than pale in your half-bath. Such colors include paste, neutral, and light colors.

Use Space-Conserving Doors

To save more space in the confined area, use doors that slide or fold. You have it almost solved if you installed a door that is like those used in airliners.

Save Money on Plumbing

To save money and space, have your half-bath constructed near the plumbing and main drain lines instead of installing new plumbing.

Establish the Right Dimensions

To have enough headroom in your half-bath, ensure that you have at least 7-feet of ceiling height. If your ceiling is too high, it is better to lower it to the recommended 7-feet to make your half-bath more proportional.