5 Home Bar Designs with Bamboo

When you are considering home bar designs, one material that can give you a feeling of pure relaxation is bamboo. You can construct your own beach-style bar and feel like you are on holiday no matter what time of year it is, or simply use bamboo more sparingly as accessories and decoration. Bamboo is a very versatile wood, and there are numerous different designs that you can adapt to your own preferences. Here are 5 bar designs using bamboo that you can consider.

Bamboo Accessories

An understated way to incorporate bamboo into your home bar is to equip a standard bar with bamboo accessories. This option allows you to introduce bamboo without a high level of investment. Many home stores sell a range of products made from bamboo, such as chopping boards and coasters. In addition, you can use bamboo picture frames as decoration to continue the theme. Alternatively, bamboo drapes look fantastic on bare walls

Closed Bar Cabinet

If your space is limited or you want a bar that will blend into the rest of your room or garden, you may consider a bar cabinet made from bamboo that can be closed up when not in use. Use the bamboo to build a frame or shelves, and construct doors which can be decorated with bamboo leaves for a cohesive look.

Small Tiki Bar

If your space is limited you may consider a small tiki bar in the garden. A bamboo construction with thatched roof and matching chairs provides an excellent place to relax. It can feel as though you are on a tropical island without leaving your property. An alternative to a thatched roof is to use umbrellas constructed with bamboo and bamboo leaves for shade. An advantage of the umbrellas is that they can be moved to give optimum protection from the sun throughout the course of the day.

“L-Shaped” Bar

If you require a larger surface space and have a bigger garden area available for your bar, you may consider an L-shaped bamboo bar construction. A longer bar area provides space for friends and family to eat and drink at the bar without getting in the way of the person serving the drinks. Alternatively, it can be used as a serving area for a buffet lunch or dinner. The bar can be wholly or partially covered by a roof constructed from thatching or bamboo leaves.

Large Square Bar

The ultimate social setting can be constructed from bamboo by creating a square bar area similar to many tropical pool bars. An abundance of surface space allows all of your guests to sit around the bar and ensures that the server doesn't feel excluded from the party atmosphere. This type of bar requires a large garden area for comfortable use. Adding a thatched roof completes the pool bar look and offers excellent protection from the sun. By extending the roof over the seating area around the bar it can also be used during light showers to save you and your guests from having to retreat indoors.