5 Home Remedies to Use to Kill Silverfish

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What You'll Need
Boric acid
Cucumber peel

Have you ever found some silverfish in your home? Besides being annoying, these little guys are hard to get rid of once they are established. There are several ways to get rid of them, but to keep them from coming back you need to understand why they were attracted to your house in the first place. Otherwise they will keep returning every year.

Some Simple Home Remedies

While reducing the humidity level in your home will not will not eradicate silverfish, it will help prevent them from coming back. You can kill silverfish with insecticide but many less expensive home remedies are known to work.

Make Your Home Hostile to Silverfish

Silverfish like to live in damp places where there is high relative humidity levels such as 75 to 95%. Basements, bathrooms, and kitchen cabinets are the most common places where they are found. The humidity level has to be kept low at 50% at all times to prevent them from nesting in your house. A dehumidifying device should be placed in your basement to remove excess moisture, especially during the summer months. Keep your house clean and dusted, free of anything the silverfish like to eat such as cardboard boxes or peeling wall paper.

Cucumber Peelings

Cucumber peelings are an excellent repellent against silverfish. Cut them into thick pieces and place them wherever you've spotted silverfish, like in the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom, the basement and so forth. You will need to replace them after a few days once they are dried as long as the bugs are around.

Water and Flour

Simply mix white flour and water in a bowl. Use only enough flour to get a mixture that has the consistency of pancake mix. Then take some small index cards and coat them on both sides. Let them dry completely. Then place the cards where you believe the bugs could be, in cracks, near pipes and around molding. Repeat this process until the silverfish are gone completely.


Silverfish really dislike the smell of cloves. Once you've created a hostile environment for the bugs, placing whole cloves where they appear will discourage them from coming back. Besides if there is nothing good for them to eat and if the humidity level is down, chances are they won't come back.

Boric Acid

This is a simple and inexpensive household cleaner that is great to kill all kind of insects. You can place a little powder in hard-to-reach places where you believe they are hiding. The silverfish will eat the boric acid, take some back to their nest and kill the whole colony. You can also mix boric acid with warm water and spray regularly the infested area if you have pets in the house and you are afraid they could eat the powder.

Be Persistent

With any of these homemade remedies, do not expect overnight results. Be persistent and whatever remedies you choose, stick with it until the silverfish completely disappear. By keeping your home dry and free of food sources, you should be rid of silverfish for good.