5 Household Items You Can Reuse As A Planter

The local department store has many different type of planters available, but they are all obviously planter-shaped. Instead of decorating your patio or garden with the same old thing, consider some interesting ideas to reuse household items as planters. Objects that have been collecting dust can be converted into wonderfully fitting planters.

Idea #1: Boots and Shoes

The old boot may be one of the oldest planter styles derived from other household items. Some plants may be better suited to live in a plastic slipper, and other will feel right at home in an ordinary rubber boot. Another advantage of making a planter out of a rubber boot is that it can be decorated with other materials, including hobby paints and decals or stickers.

Idea #2: Pots, Pans and Pails

All manners of metal containers can be used as a planter. Possible ideas include a cast iron kettle, an old-fashioned enamel coffee pot or a galvanized metal pail. If you are using a bare metal that rusts, such as cast iron, oil the exposed surface frequently to maintain a light shine and prevent decay. For decoration, metal surfaces can be painted or have decals and stencils applied. Top off the effect with a checked ribbon, or use a gold paint to highlight the outer rim.

Idea #3: Wastebaskets

Household waste baskets come in many different styles. Football fans might have a wastebasket that resembles a football, or their favorite team logo. Plastic and metal waste containers require little or no conversion before they can be used as a planter. It is a good idea to put a small drain in the bottom, but if you have control over how much water the container will receive, then drainage is not necessary.

Idea #4: Waterclosets

As unusual as it may sound, a toilet tank is a perfect porcelain planter, complete with a hole in the bottom for excess moisture to drain through. You can lay a small piece of stainless steel over the drain to prevent your soil from escaping, and leave it at that. Occasionally, interesting planter designs are made with the bowl portion which no longer resemble the original device at all after being planted and decorated. And a replica antique water closet, complete with the pull chain, makes a wonderful two sage planter with the bowl on bottom and the tank atop a section of piping.

Idea #5: Yard and Garden

All sorts of things laying around the yard (or gathering dust in the garage) could be converted to a planter. You could even use a corn planter, or any other type of seed planter, and fill the seed bin with soil and flowering shrubs. Add some soil and plants into a wash tub, or even convert and old well into an attractive flower planter. If it can hold soil and moisture, and has some sort of aesthetic appeal, it could probably be turned into a planter with only a little effort.