5 Houseplants Perfect for the Bathroom

A large houseplant next to a bathroom sink

The bathroom goes through more temperature changes than most rooms of your home. This room gets humid and steamy sometimes, and condensation can form pretty easily. Bathrooms also don't typically have a lot of natural light, because most people don't want a bathroom that's full of windows allowing people to see inside. Put it all together, and you've got an environment that's not ideal for many plants. However, there are plenty of houseplants that can actually thrive in the bathroom. They love the steam, the heat, and even the artificial light that other plants won't tolerate.

Plants That Like the Bathroom

Purple orchid in the bathroom by the sink

Some plants are perfectly suited for humidity, steam, and low lighting conditions—and that makes them just right for any bathroom. Find the houseplants that thrive in these environments and you’ll find exactly what you need to add a little life and vibrant color to your bathroom.

Orchids. They're notoriously difficult to grow, but orchids are surprisingly highly-suited to bathroom environments. Orchids actually like steam and they thrive on filtered window light. This is a perfect flower if you want to add a bright pop of color and a touch of exotic beauty to your bathroom. And because orchids are so famously difficult, you'll look like a master gardener when you have one thriving and blooming beautifully.

Aloe vera. This plant is not just pretty but also practical. Aloe vera is handy to have in the bathroom because it's right there with the rest of your first aid materials. The juice from the leaves can be used to treat burns and minor wounds right on the spot. Aloe vera also makes a lovely, low-maintenance houseplant. It doesn't need a lot of time and care to thrive, and it doesn't like direct sunlight. That makes it perfectly suited to bathroom window light.

Spider plant. It's true that you can grow spider plants just about anywhere, and that includes the bathroom. Spider plants are very low-maintenance and grow well around moisture and low lighting conditions. As an added bonus, spider plants are excellent at filtering air so they will literally improve your environment while adding some lovely natural beauty to it.

Gardenia. These flowers are gorgeous and known for being tropical, which makes them a great choice for bathroom growing. Gardenias grow well in humid environments and they love indirect light. These flowers are difficult to grow in just about any outdoor garden but surprisingly well-suited for being potted in the bathroom. The beautiful white blooms add elegance to any space as well.

Golden pothos. If you want to add a pop of color to the bathroom, try this vining plant. You want to grow golden pothos out of direct sunlight no matter where you put it in your home, and it's very easy to care for. This plant doesn't need much water and should stay healthy and pretty as long as the soil stays moist. Place it up high so the foliage can trail down and add vivid beauty to your bathroom. This plant can easily become a focal point for the space because the leaves are particularly vibrant.

Bathroom Houseplants

Aloe vera next to lotion and a scrubbing brush

Houseplants do a lot to make your environment nicer. They will naturally improve the oxygen in your home and even filter the air. They add bright color and beauty to any space. Having a living plant in the room makes the room feel more joyful, and it brings a little bit of the outdoors in. Having some pretty flowers and lovely foliage goes a long way toward making your spaces look well-designed without spending a lot of money on your design.

There's no reason that any space should be left out of your plant decorating bonanza. You can grow plants in your bathroomas long as you choose the right ones. Some plants are so perfectly suited to the bathroom, you’ll be surprised by how easy they are to care for and how great they look.