5 Ideas for a Christmas Table Runner

A Christmas table runner made out of any material can be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. Fabric, plants, candles, synthetics or a combination of ingredients are all good choices. The key to a good Christmas table runner is creating something unique that enhances the overall look of the table and the room. A rule of thumb is that if you're using fabric or some other material that mimics the look of fabric, your runner should hang about 3 inches over the ends of your table. Here are 5 ideas for a one-of-a-kind table runner.

Festive Fabric Table Runner

Fabric table runners are the most common. They are available in any home goods store and many craft and department stores as well. Rather than buying a standard runner off the shelf, why not make your own. Go to a fabric store and pick out some festive fabric. You'll want it to be about 12 inches wide and long enough to go more than the length of the table. Make sure the pattern works in the direction you'll be using it.

If you know how to sew, you can buy 2 complementary patterns and sew them back to back. This will give you the option to use either side. You can square off the ends or make them into triangular points. It's up to you. Next, try sewing or gluing embellishments to the ends. Most fabric stores have a wide selection of beads and tassels that will work to finish off the ends. If you don't sew, this project can be done with hemming tape of a glue gun. Just make sure to fold over the hem and iron it down, so that you have a clean line.

Candles Light the Way

Table runners made from candles are another option if you want to avoid fabric and go for a more contemporary look. To do this, get a variety of different sized candles that are all one color. For example, for a warm look try several wide off-white candles. Arrange them close to each other the length of the table in random order. The different heights and sizes will give your table depth and dimension. Use unscented candles to ensure that the smell doesn't take away from your meal.

Rustic Christmas Charm

Pine cones, holly berry vines and greenery create a rustic table runner. To make it, start by arranging a pine garland down the middle of the table and allow it to hang over the edges by about 3 inches. Next, twist the holly berry vines through the pine garland. Finally, arrange some pine cones sporadically through the garland.

Holiday Whimsy

For a whimsical table runner, start with several miniature potted pine trees. You can use miniature Christmas trees that have lights and ornaments or undecorated trees. Look for trees that are sold in interesting pots. Many come in festive metal tins. Line the trees side-by-side in the middle of the table. Leave about a foot at each end empty. Also, make sure that the trees aren't too tall, so that your guests can see each other across the table.

Christmas Sparkle

Twinkling lights and tulle can make an elegant table runner. Use a strand of battery operated lights, so there aren't any cords to worry about. Wrap translucent tulle around the lights. That's all it takes. Your table will sparkle.

A table runner can be made out of almost anything. The trick is staying with a theme and creating something that makes the rest of your Christmas table shine.