5 Ideas for a Girl's Nursery

Planning a girl’s nursery can be an adventure of fun and creativity where the only limit is your imagination. Whether you are planning on a budget or really splashing out on a girl’s nursery, or any room for that matter, requires some thought and planning for things to work out smoothly.

Five common areas to be considered while planning a girl's nursery are the color scheme, the desired theme for the room, suitable furniture, matching soft furnishings and appropriate light fixtures.

1. Color Scheme

When we think of a color scheme for a girl’s room we tend to imagine frills and lace surrounded by the traditional pink haze. Pink can be used as a compliment to a scheme which uses lively colors such as the gender neutral shades of eco-friendly paint like lime green and citrus yellow. These are just two examples of the many shades and hues available.

2. Theme

To create a calming environment in the nursery both for your baby girl and for yourself, you can use a cloud theme by employing a light blue color for the walls and with a sponge and some white paint put in the clouds. This can extend to buying soft white rugs and a soothing very light blue color for the bedding.

Some might not like to use blue as it is the color mostly associated with boys. There are other themes suitable for a girl’s nursery such as the “Princess” theme, the “Ballerina” anything you can imagine or your budget can support. When your baby girl reaches the toddler stage some new redesigning would be needed in order to customize her room according to her age. She may also have a favorite cartoon character she would like to consider for her room.

3. Furniture

You can save both time and money if you buy convertible nursery furniture which your baby can use in her toddler years, such as a crib that can transform into a bed or a changer that can transform into a toy holder. You might consider shelving for Nursery Rhyme books or for displaying for her rag dolls and other soft toys.

4. Soft Furnishings

This means curtains, rugs and bedding and decor items such as mobiles, lampshades, frames, and soft toys which should compliment the main theme and blend smoothly with the color scheme. If possible buy organic materials such as pure cotton especially for the bedclothes. Choose with care as the soft furnishings will make the room look complete to create either harmony or discord.

5. Lightening and Fresh Air

Lightening in the nursery should be soft and relaxing but not too soft that it drains your eyesight. Dark shades can be used in the window/s to keep out bright sunlight for when baby needs to take a nap.

For purified air a green plant or two in the nursery are a great idea, but should be removed during the night. the room should also be airy but free of drafts.

You might need help to organize everything because giving a room a face lift and doing a complete make-over will take up time, money, work and expertise. You might need professional help in some areas like electrical connections or putting in a carpet. Good will and perseverance will see the project through will ensure that your baby girl’s nursery will be a place of nurture and inspiration.