5 Important Electric Fence Wire Safety Tips

If you are thinking of installing electric fence wire to keep pets and animals in (or predators and intruders out of) an area, you will need how to properly install the wire and make sure that is safe. Every year, there are thousands of injuries to domestic animals and people that could have been avoided if a few common sense guidelines to using an electric fence had been followed. So, this article will provide you with some important tips on how to safely install and use an electric fence wire.

Always Post Warning Signs

You should always post warning signs in the area where your electric fence wire is installed. When posting warning signs, make sure instructions available in plain English along with a graphic or picture that indicates the danger presented by the electrified fence wire. Also, if you live in an area where many residents don't speak English as a primary language, you may want to consider posting the warning in other languages as well.

Never Use Barbed Wire

You should never use barbed wire for electrical fencing. You should not apply current directly to barbed wire, nor should you use it together with an electrified fence wire. Animals can often get caught up in barbed wire, which will mean that they will continue to be shocked or electrocuted by the electrical charge produced by the wire.

Also, the electrical current produced by some electrified fence wires is enough to cause serious injury in small children. Small children often like to play along fence lines and may get their clothing snagged in barbed wire. If they come in contact with the electric fence wire, this could cause serious electrical shock or even death in some cases. Many areas have laws and regulations that prohibit the use of barbed wire with electrical fencing.

Install an Electric Fence on Its Own Circuit

When installing an electric fence wire, always make sure that you install the DC power supply on its own circuit. During bad weather, an electric fence wire makes an excellent magnet and target for lightning. If the wire is such struck by lightning, it could damage other devices that are attached to the circuit.

If you install an electric fence on its own circuit, you'll only damaged the electric fence controller unit if there is a power surge or lightning damage. However, if you connect the fence to a circuit that has other devices, you risk destroying everything on the circuit.

Post Disconnection Instructions in Appropriate Areas

After you've installed an electric fence wire, be sure to post disconnection instructions in prominent areas of your home or farm. Make sure that everyone in your household knows how to disconnect or turn off the electrified fence in the event of an emergency.

Pay Attention to Installation Instructions

When installing your electric fence wire, make sure that you precisely follow the installation instructions that come with the controller unit. Always be sure to use the recommended gauge of wire and carefully observe connection and grounding procedures included in the directions. By simply following the instructions, you can avoid many potential hazards and problems with your electrical fence wire.