5 Indoor Concrete Floor Finishes

A plain concrete floor inside of a garage.

There are a number of concrete floor finishes that you could choose for the interior of your home. Concrete is one of the most durable types of flooring, and it can be highly customized to fit your design needs. Read on to learn about a few of the different indoor concrete floor finishing options.

Chemical Stain

If you pour a specific type of stain on the concrete, it will react with the surface and create a color on the floor. With this method, you can create almost any color that you want. You can also create designs or different looks by pouring the stain over solid materials on the floor, or by mopping or spraying the chemicals onto the area. This method is somewhat unpredictable because you do not know exactly how the stain will react with every type of concrete, so be sure to perform a test before the final project to see what you can expect.

Concrete Stamping

Another option that you have is to use concrete stamping. This process will have to be completed when the slab is being poured, so it might be difficult to integrate with an indoor space. To do this, use a stamp that presses down into the concrete when it is curing. This allows you to create many different designs and mimic any type of floor imaginable.


Scoring is a process that you can complete on existing concrete slabs. This is ideal for making a concrete floor look like tile. You will use a saw to etch the concrete, creating lines or a random, unique pattern.

Colored Hardeners

Colored hardeners typically come in powder form that you sprinkle on top of the concrete while it is still wet. The water that is inside the concrete will come up into the colored hardeners, and the moisture will bond with them to create a unique look in the concrete. Many people use this type of finish in conjunction with chemical staining to create darker colors that stand out on the floor.


Any type of concrete can be finished with a concrete sealer. Some concrete sealers will provide a glossy surface, which increases the shine and gives you a completely different look than if you had left it dull. Some people prefer this look and the benefits it can have. All sealers will also create a moisture barrier to keep the concrete from absorbing any dampness.