5 Indoor Plants That Are Super Hard To Kill

Peace Lily
a lily plant with white flowers

The peace lily is an indoor plant that's almost impossible to kill. This plant only requires indirect sun and a good watering every two to three weeks. If you ever see your Peace Lily start to droop or sag, water it. When you see it again in an hour or so, it will be back to normal.

Peace lilies do especially well in rooms with more than one window. Conveniently for frequent travelers, they can be left for extended periods of time while you are away on vacation.

These plants don’t bring bugs or have pesky vines, so they are perfect for a rental space. As a bonus, like many plants, the peace lily can purify the air in your rental. If you need a home for your lily, consider a unique DIY upcycled planter to turn your flowering plant into a statement piece.

Snake Plant
a snake plant with broad pointed leaves

Snake plants are almost impossible to kill. If these plants are watered once or twice a month, and see the sun every day, they will live happily for five to ten years.

The greatest thing about these hearty plants is that they come in hundreds of varieties, each with a distinctly different look in the pattern on the stems. Add a few different varieties to any room for a fun, sophisticated look that requires little upkeep.

Snake plants are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most nurseries. These plants like tight spaces, so when transferring one to your favorite pot, don’t go too big. The roots on a snake plant do best when they are close together.

a bright green plant with curvy leaves

Pothos plants can be found at any Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes across the country. These plants are fun and viney, and as a bonus, can be easily propagated in your home—one plant can turn into one hundred.

Like the snake plants, Pothos come in a wide variety of variations. Golden pothos is the most common, but variations like the marble queen, neon pothos, pearls, and jade and silver pothos, are all striking, pretty, plants.

All pothos plants enjoy medium to high light but can survive in lower light, too. They need to be watered every one to two weeks when the soil is dry, or when they start to droop.

Spider Plant
a houseplant with long, thin leaves

Spider plants are a great way to add a small pop of green to any room. Water them lightly once a week and give them at least a medium amount of light, and these little plants will grow fast. As long as it's not exposed to direct sunlight, the spider plant is an easy plant for beginners to cut their teeth on.

As a major bonus, spider plants are notoriously good at clearing the air of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Placing one of these plants in your kitchen, near a fireplace, or in your bathroom could not only liven up the space, but keep your air cleaner as well. Optimal growing conditions for this plant include a new pot every other year, and soil with plenty of drainage.

Boston Fern
a fern hanging in a suspended planter

Though not the trendiest of plants on this list, the Boston fern is still Instagram worthy. Whether you need something to fill your new window sill shelf or you need a big splash of green to fill an empty space, the Boston fern is your hard-to-kill solution. Boston ferns are much more tolerant than other ferns, and can even thrive in indirect sunlight.

Like all ferns though, the Boston fern does require that the soil is always moist, so you'll need to water this plant once or twice a week. Boston ferns are great for rentals because they can grow to fill so much space, a great commitment-free decor solution.

These plants can grow up to five feet in diameter and are natural humidifiers. Dry climate inhabitants—these plants are for you.